Sunday, February 5, 2012

El Mogaz article on El Naschie

Here's a brief column quoting El Naschie, dated 29 January 2012. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. El Naschie praises Egyptian civilization, asks who benefits from violence in Egypt, criticizes recent Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, and says the January 25 revolution was beautiful, but it's time to end the protests and demonstrations.

محمد النشائى:علينا أن لا نضيع الحضارة المصرية
الأحد, 29 يناير 2012 - 12:34
كتب : فاطمة خميس

أكد الدكتور محمد النشائى "أستاذ الهندسة والعلوم الذرية" أن ألاطماع فى مصر كثير" فألجميع لا يريد لنا الخير" وألدليل على ذلك العنف الذى يحدث فى مصر خاصة حريق ألمجمع العلمى فمن يعقل ان يقوم أى شخص مصرى بحريق قيمة تاريخية مثل المجمع هذا بألاضافة الى المشاجرات التى تحدث بين الجيش والشعب فلابد وأن نفكر فى ما يحدث ومن المستفيد من كل هذا العنف مضيفآ فى لبرنامج صفحة جديدة على قناة نايل لايف انه سعيد جدآ بقدوم

الجنزوى فهو شخص يفهم طبيعة مصر جيدآ ،وأما حكومة عصام شرف فكانت عبارة عن حكومة هواه ولا يعرفوا شئ عن ادارة البلاد،موضحآ ان الثورة شئ جميل ولكن لابد وأن تنتهى ونبداء عهد جديد بدون اعتصامات وتظاهرات حتى لا تضيع البلاد،وهذا هو ما لا يفهمه الشباب.وقال انه يجب علينا ان نتعلم ان لا نضيع هذه الحضارة لانه تعتبر من أرقى حضارات ألارض،وعلينا ان نستعيد الثقافة المصرية ونهتم بألاقتصاد فمصر فى حاجه الينا جميعآ الان.

Google's translation is unusually bad, sorry:
Mohamed El Naschie: We should not waste the Egyptian civilization
Sunday, January 29, 2012 - 12:34
Books: Fatima Thurs

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie "Professor of Engineering and Science (IAEA) that" greed in Egypt many "Everyone does not wish us well." The proof of this violence that is happening in Egypt, especially Fire Academy [referring to a recent fire at a library in Cairo], it is conceivable that the any person, Egyptian by fire of historical value such as the compound in addition to tiffs that occur between the army and the people must think about what is happening is the beneficiary of all this violence in the program, adding a New Page [a TV program] on the Nile Life Channel was very happy with the arrival of

Ganzoy [Kamal Ganzouri, the new Prime Minister] is someone who understands the nature of Egypt well, and the government Essam Sharaf was a Government desires not know anything about running the country, pointing out that the revolution was something beautiful, but must end and the primitive of a new era without protests and demonstrations so as not to waste the country, and this is what is not understood by young people . said that we must learn to not miss this civilization because it is one of the most prestigious civilizations of the earth, and we have to restore the Egyptian culture and care about the economy, Egypt is in need of us all now.

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  1. questions marks explained:

    1. 'new page' is the name of the TV program. Nile Life is the name of the channel

    2. Ganzory is Egypt's new prime minister.

  2. Thanks, Hossam! I made the corrections.

    El Naschie continues his pattern of lavishing praise on whoever is in power at the moment. What an obsequious toad.

  3. In an article dated (or perhaps just updated) Sunday 5 February 2012, El Balad reports briefly on a press conference held by El Naschie apparently at 6:00PM Thursday 2 February at Cairo's Marriot Hotel. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. I am not making a separate post about this because it may be a spurious or mis-dated report. For one thing, it says he's announcing his candidacy officially. Well, I suppose that's possible, but he announced that a long ago already. Also, there is no mention of the Ultras soccer riot that happened earlier that day.

  4. Regarding my comment just above. It turns out the El Balad report is valid and correctly dated. It's El Naschie's official candidacy announcement.