Thursday, February 2, 2012

El Naschie decries soccer hooliganism

Yesterday Al-Masry, the Port Said home team, beat Al-Ahly, the visiting Cairo team, who were favored. The final score was 3-1. But after the game, Al-Masry supporters took to the pitch and attacked outnumbered Al-Ahly fans. There were at least 79 killed, and Egypt is stunned. A three day period of national mourning officially has been declared. The video above shows the scene in the Al-Ahly team dressing room.

In a brief article by Samar Fawaz in the Al Wafd newspaper, El Naschie condemns the violence. The piece is accompanied by a familiar stock photo of him. Original Arabic النشائى:أحداث بورسعيد كارثة بكل المقاييس or Google's English translation El Naschie: Disastrous Events of Port Said. Full text and another video below the fold.

النشائى:أحداث بورسعيد كارثة بكل المقاييس
الدكتور محمد النشائى عالم الذرة
كتبت- سمر فواز:

أعرب الدكتور محمد النشائى عالم الذرة والمرشح المحتمل لانتخابات الرئاسة عن وجود خلل فى الأنظمة الأمنية لحماية المصريين علي خلفية الأحداث التي شهدتها محافظة بورسعيد أمس.

وأكد أن أحداث بورسعيد كارثة حقيقية بكل المقاييس ولابد من الوقوف عليها لإنهاء أحداث السرقة والنهب والقتل التى طالت البلاد.

وأوضح النشائى فى بيان صحفى صادر عنه اليوم أنه سينزل إلى الشارع المصرى متسائلا: من السبب فى قتل المصريين؟

وأضاف الدكتور النشائى أن ما يحدث فى الآونة الأخيرة فى بلدنا تصرفات عدوانية لا يفعلها إلا أشخاص معروفون بالضلال والنفاق .

ودعا النشائى إلى إصدار مجلس الشعب تعليمات لمحافظات مصر بالتوحد فى الرأى واحترام الإنسان لأخيه الانسان، قائلا:نحن بشر ولسنا أشلاء فى غابة.

وأضاف أن التقصير الذى تمر به البلاد بلاء أمنى وانفلات لا حدود له فى بلد مهد الأديان وبلد الأمن والأمان.

اقرأ المقال الأصلي علي بوابة الوفد الاليكترونية الوفد - النشائى:أحداث بورسعيد كارثة بكل المقاييس

El Naschie: Disastrous Events of Port Said
Dr. Mohammed El Naschie particle scientist
Posted - Samar Fawaz:

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie nuclear scientist and a likely candidate for the presidency blamed a defect in the security systems to protect the Egyptians against the backdrop of events in Port Said yesterday.

He stressed that the events of Port Said by all standards a real disaster and must be found to end the event of theft, looting and killings of the country.

El Naschie explained in a press release issued today that it will descend to the Egyptian street, wondering: why the murder of the Egyptians?

And Dr. El Naschie said that what is happening in the recent aggressive actions in our country is done by misguided and hypocritical persons.

El Naschie called the People's Assembly to issue instructions to the governorates of Egypt to unite in opinion and respect for human rights, as brothers, saying: We are human beings and we are not body parts in a forest.

He added that the failure of the country through which the scourge of a security breakdown and has no boundaries in a country that is the cradle of religions and the country of security and safety.

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  1. As much as Richard Dawkins and Brian Cox would just love to blame this on religion, the fact of the matter is that violence amongst sports fans is a global phenomenon.

    I call it the Jock Delusion, and you dumb saps damn well pre-order my book on Amazon and make me super rich for no good reason. Thanks a bunch! Have a good Christmas!

  2. Yay team f**kface!

  3. According to some reports about the current unrest, a member of LulzSec was shot and killed today by Egyptian authorities.

    If this proves true (how, I don't know), then this could prove to be a significant problem for the Egyptian government in the long run. That said, this could just be a false rumour started by LulzSec with the aim of starting a cyber war with the Egyptian government.

    Either way, RIP to those who have perished recently in the unrest.