Monday, February 13, 2012

El Naschie on, with video

A short but important article and video. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. The video was uploaded to YouTube by moheeteg on February 13. It is 3:10 in length. In Arabic without subtitles.

النشائي: الوطن العربي بدون الريادة المصرية وطن خرب - فيديو
كتب احمد إسماعيل

ذكر الدكتور محمد النشائي المرشح المحتمل لرئاسة الجمهورية أن الاعتراض علي ترشح الدكتور زويل لمنصب رئيس الجمهورية بسبب كونه متزوج من سيدة سورية أمر غير مقبول لان سوريا لا تعد دولة أجنبية ولكنها دولة عربية ويمكن اعتبارها امتداد لدولة مصر.

وقال أن المصري الخالص هو نفسه العربي الخالص واللغة العربية هي خير دليل على ذلك، وإذا تعالت الصيحات منادية بالمواطن المصري فقط، فإننا نفقد مصر دورها الريادي للعالم العربي، فبدون القيادة المصرية يصبح الوطن العربي مكان خرب، كما أن أحداث العنف والدمار والخراب التي حدثت في العراق وليبيا و سوريا كان السبب وراء وقوعها عدم ريادة مصر للدول العربية.

وأشار إلى أن العالم شخص عادي مثل باقي البشر ولكنه يتخذ من العلم صنعة له، كما أنه من الضروري أن يفصل الناس بين خلق العالم وعلمه حيث أننا يمكن أن نجد عالم صالح وعالم فاسد وعالم على خلق وأخر منحل.

Google Translate's English version cleaned up by Hossam:
El Naschie: The Arabic homeland without Egyptian leadership is a devastated homeland - Video
by Ahmed Ismail

According to Dr. Mohamed El Naschie likely candidate for the presidency of the Republic the objection to the candidacy of Dr. Zewail for president because he is married to a Syrian woman is unacceptable because Syria is not a foreign country, but an Arab state and can be considered an extension of the state of Egypt.

He said that the Egyptian pure is the same as the Arab pure Arabic is the best proof of that, and if the loud cries arose to the Egyptian citizen only, we lose Egypt leading role of the Arab world, without the Egyptian leadership to become the Arab world where ruins, as the events of violence, destruction and devastation that occurred in Iraq, Libya, Syria was the reason behind the lack of leadership occurred Egypt for the Arab States.

He pointed out that the scientist is a normal person like the rest of humanity, but take the science of his craft, as it is necessary that people separate between the scientist's ethics and his science. As we can find an ethical scientist and a corrupt one, a moral scientist and an immoral one.

If I understand correctly El Naschie says Ahmed Zewail is ineligible to run for president because his wife is Syrian. But he also says Syria is an extension of Egypt, which seems like a contradiction. Also, Zewail is busy being a real scientist (unlike El Naschie) and hasn't thrown his hat into the ring so far as I am aware, so why even go there?

Sorry for the poor translation; this interesting article deserves better. Google Translate sometimes seems to confuse "world" and "scientist" and I can't always tell from context which is correct. I don't even understand the title of this article. "World" occurs eight times in Google's translation of this short article, making it an extreme case.

UPDATED with Hossam's clarifications.

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  1. In a 13 February post Inforrm's Blog confirms our observation that Mr's Justice Sharp is still twiddling her thumbs. "The following reserved judgments after public hearings remain outstanding:... El-Naschie v Macmillan, heard 11, 14, 16 to 18, 21, 22, 25, 28-30 November, 1 -2 December 2011 (Sharp J)..."

  2. El Naschie should not wear a white necktie. It looks un-presidential.

  3. "If I understand correctly El Naschie says Ahmed Zewail is ineligible to run for president because his wife is Syrian"

    He's actually saying the exact opposite of that. what he says is that "the objection on Dr. Zewail presidency nomination, on the grounds that his wife is Syrian, is unacceptable". Which is consistent with the rest of the article, as you pointed out.

    As far as I know, Dr. Zewail never said he would run for presidency. He actually can't because of the simple reason that he has dual citizenship. But falsely pretending that he is runing for presidency in order to attack him in a pseudo-objective way is a classic straw-man technique that El Naschie has been using for a while.

    Google should be excused for the confusion between "world" and "scientist". Both have the exact same spelling in Arabic (if you don't write the vowels). They are just pronounced differently. And since vowels are not usually written in Arabic but rather understood from the context, Google has no way of knowing which is which. In this article, only the first appearance of the word should be interpreted as 'world' (which is in the second paragraph, as in Arabic world). All the others are "scientist". Which gives the last paragraph the very amusing meaning: "It is necessary that people separate between the scientists ethics [misinterpreted as "creation" for exactly the same reason for world-scientist misinterpretation] and his science. As we can find an ethical scientist and a corrupt one, a moral scientist and an immoral one"

    I think he should've mentioned that we can also find a fraud scientist.

  4. Oh...and the title is: "The Arabic homeland without Egyptian leadership is a devastated homeland"

    Which I think is a stretch.

  5. Thanks Hossam! Posting another short article momentarily.