Sunday, February 12, 2012

Front-row attendees identified

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One of the attendees of El Naschie's press conference is a man by the name of Mohammed Gramon. On he tells of having been invited to the event by El Naschie's campaign manager Mohammed Abdul Samad, and he identifies himself and four other people in the front row of the audience. They are, in the front row to the right, as follows: Dr. Ayman Hassan, Amal Ramadan, Dr. Abeer Farooq, Mohammed Gramon himself, and Amr Darwish. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

An unrelated Internet mention of El Naschie's press conference can be found on the French and Arabic blog of Salem Rayan Ramy Elkotamy, who unwittingly displays the fake intimate scene of El Naschie with three Nobel Laureates. It seems impossible to leave a comment there to warn him of the deception, unfortunately.

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