Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sockpuppet sighting on Inforrm's Blog

This is an update to our 22 November 2011 post Gervase de Wilde on El Naschie v Nature.

El Naschie's sockpuppets, who in days of yore were so garrulous, today sulk silently. Seldom do they bestir themselves to speak in his defense, so it's always a treat when they do. The last occasion was when sockpuppet "Hassan my" fought it out with El Naschie critic Elsheshtwi, which you can read about in the FrogHeart Archive.

Today I notice that two comments have appeared on Inforrm's Blog:

Medhat Youssef 19 01 2012 (11:23:20) :
It is regrettable that the ex Journalist and present Barrister student [de Wilde] have [sic. has] given such a one[-]sided, biased and inaccurate representation of the occurence of this case in the High Court of Justice. He did not mention that Prof. Neil Turok was unable to answer any scientific questions posed by Prof. El Naschie. Indeed it is well known that Prof. Turok has never worked in the theory of fractal space time. He is totally unqualified to speak about the subject of research of Garnett Ord nor Laurant Nottale nor of course Mohamed El Naschie. Neil Turok never heard in his life about the mathematical theory of E-Infinity. This theory was developed im [sic] the late years of the last century. It is the theory of highly structured Rings [sic. rings].

And then a week later:

Orwin O'Dowd 27 01 2012 (04:06:37) :
This sad saga began over a hundred years ago when George Cantor was called mad for pursuing transfinite arithmetic. That current so-called experts cannot recognize the background of El Naschie’s work shows the extent of the damage done, for his fractal is constructed from the Cantor set.

There is a price to pay, as El Naschie[']s ideas find application, not where he expected, [but] to electrons in graphene, a topic at the cutting edge of computer technology.

So throw Egypt some more high-tech jobs and celebrate your prejudices in poverty.

"Orwin O'Dowd", haha. Begorra, I like it. Thilo Kuessner once remarked to the effect that El Naschie's sockpuppets have creatively made-up names, with scarcely a nationality unrepresented. But they all have the same idiosyncratic writing style. Top o' the mornin' to ya, Orwin.

El Naschie's -- excuse me I mean Orwin O'Dowd's -- link is to the table of contents of AIP Low Temperature Physics (an English translation of Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur) Volume 35, Issue 1, pp. 1-93, Jan 2009. None of the seventeen papers there cite El Naschie. In fact, according to Google Scholar, no paper in that journal has ever cited El Naschie.

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  1. Epic! These comments are in full agreement with the Great Man's defence that peer-review is a childish and vain practice. Furthermore, it's evident that also the 2010 Nobel Prize Winners in Physics should acknowledge the vital role of E-infinity. LOL

    BTW: I wonder why your comment, Jason, wasn't approved on Inforrm's Blog some months ago?

  2. Oh, it was approved later, apparently.