Thursday, March 29, 2012

Devastating attack on El Naschie!

This is a follow-up to our earlier post Blogger mistakes El Naschie for real scientist. I mentioned in that post that Saber500 (probably the El Naschie critic known elsewhere on El Naschie Watch as Elsheshtwi) had not corrected Egyptian blogger Salamah Abdulhameed's misconception that El Naschie is a great scientist. Well, Saber500 (he isn't named but I am sure it is he) has written to Abdulhameed in scathing terms about El Naschie, and Abdulhameed has published the letter in full.

I won't reproduce it here because it contains various Arabic newspaper clippings. The style and content are similar to other attacks by Saber500 and Elsheshtwi. Read the original Arabic, Google's English translation or the Bing English translation. It's important because it's thorough and it's in Arabic so it's accessible to the Egyptian public in a way this blog isn't.

There are two reader comments that are critical of El Naschie.

Abdulhameed expresses a willingness to hear a reply to the attack on El Naschie, which is certainly fair. None has appeared yet, but maybe we will get lucky.

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  1. There's a new anonymous anti-El Naschie comment on the article.

    في السنوات الماضية للأسف كثر الدجل العلمي في العالم العربي وفي مصر بالذات. فنجد الكثير ينشرون المئات من الأبحاث التي لا قيمة علمية لها بل أصبحوا ينشئون (فهم نشائيون!) مجلات جديدة وينشرون فيها ما يشاءون وساعدهم على ذلك الانترنيت.
    فيجب على كل أهل العلم الحقيقيين فضح هؤلاء النشائيين والوقوف لهم بالمرصاد فلقد أفسدوا كثيرا وضحكوا على الكثيرين في مصر والخليج.

    Very roughly in English this is:

    "In the past years, unfortunately, there have been many cases of scientific charlatanism in the Arab world and Egypt in particular. We find published hundreds of papers that have no scientific value, but are filling (like El Naschie!) new journals to publish whatever they want and promoting them on the Internet. All true scholars must expose these El Naschieites as bad apples and laughing stocks in Egypt and the Gulf."