Monday, March 19, 2012

El Naschie loses 5,000 signatures in five weeks!

Al Dostor , whose name means "Constitution", is a liberal, pro-democracy Egyptian newspaper. Today they have a story saying El Naschie has gathered 11,000 power-of-attorney signatures. He needs 30,000 if, as I understand it, he depends entirely on signatures and not at all on parliamentary endorsements, of which El Naschie is critical because they suggest vote-buying. As we noted in this comment on February 9th, Seventh Day reported then that El Naschie had gathered 16,000; so this represents a loss of 5,000. Today's Al Dostor article does not mention the numerical discrepancy with the earlier Seventh Day report. It is hard to see how El Naschie will reach 30,000 at this rate. Perhaps the signatures could be counted using E-infinity theory.

El Naschie says respectful words about Pope Shenouda III, who died two days ago at the age of 88. He was the head of the Coptic Christian Orthodox Church. He will be replaced after the national election when a blindfolded child picks the successor's name out of a hat! Egyptian Chronicles currently has lots of Pope Shenouda III coverage.

Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Full text below the fold with my comments in red.

Mon, 19-03-2012 - 3:30 مصر
حملة «النشائي» تجمع 11 ألف توكيل أغلبها من الشباب وأساتذة الجماعات وصغار المخترعين

11 ألف توكيل جمعتهم الحملة الانتخابية للدكتور محمد النشائي –أستاذ الهندسة والعلوم الطبيعية بجامعتي الاسكندرية وفرنكفورت- بحسب ما أكد محمد عبد الصمد –مدير الحملة الانتخابية للنشائي- ، مضيفا في تصريح خاص للـ"الدستور الأصلي" أن فريق الحملة يذهب إلي أربعة محافظات في اليوم الواحد لعرض ملامح البرنامج الانتخابي للدكتور النشائي وإقناع أهالي المحافظة بتحرير توكيلات لترشيح النشائي للانتخابات الرئاسية، وأنهم استطاعوا حتى الان جمع 11 ألف توكيل من 8 محافظات، هم الاسكندرية ومرسى مطروح والبحيرة والدقهلية ودمياط والشرقية والغربية والجولات القادمة ستكون في محافظات الصعيد بعد انتهاء أيام الحداد الثلاثة التي بدأت الأحد وتنتهي اليوم الثلاثاء ، وذلك حدادا على رحيل البابا شنودة الثالث حيث أكد الدكتور محمد النشائي أنه كان رمز من رموز الوحدة الوطنية ورحيله خسارة فادحة للشعب بأكمله.

عبد الصمد أشار إلى أن أغلب التوكيلات من الشباب والباحثين والمخترعين وأساتذة الجامعات من أصدقاء عالم الفيزياء دكتور محمد النشائي وتلامذته بالجامعات بالاضافة إلى الأهل والاقارب، لافتا إلي انه من المتوقع ان تنتهي الحملة يوم السبت القادم من جمع الثلاثين ألف توكيل ، مبديا استنكاره لظاهرة شراء التوكيلات من جانب بعض المرشحين المحتملين للانتخابات والتى تتراوح أسعارها ما بين الـ50 إلي 200 توكيل قائلا ان هذا المستوى المنحدر لا يليق بمصر بعد الثورة ويعطي مؤشرا خطيرا عن احتمالات شراء الاصوات في الانتخابات او تزويرها، كما أشار عبد الصمد إلى أن فترة الصمت الانتخابي منعت النشائي من مرافقة الحملة في جولاتها لجمع التوكيلات لأن اللجنة العليا للانتخابات شددت على توقف المرشحين عن أي ظهور اعلامي أو عقد مؤتمرات جماهيرية.

وعن احتمالات تدعيم الأحزاب للحملة الانتخابية قال عبد الصمد أن النشائي قام بقابلة عدد من ممثلي الأحزاب السلفية كحزب النور والأصالة والإصلاح والتنمية وتجرى مباحثات بينه وبين عدد من الأحزاب لاختياره كمرشح لهم مؤكدا ان الحزب الذي سيويد الدكتور النشائي سيكون مفاجأة للجميع.

Google's English translation:
19-03-2012 - 3:30 Mon, Egypt
Campaign «El Naschie» gathering power of attorney 11 thousand mostly young people and teachers groups and young inventors

11 thousand power of attorney rounded campaign for Dr. Mohamed El Naschie - Professor of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the Universities of Alexandria and Frankfurt [No he isn't. See this post for details] - according to Mohamed Abdel-Samad - the campaign manager for El Naschie - he said, adding in a statement of the Al Dostor that the campaign team goes to the four provinces in one day To view the features of the electoral program of Dr. El Naschie and convince people of the province edit proxies for the nomination El Naschie for the presidential elections, and they were able to so far collected 11 thousand power of attorney from 8 provinces, are Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh and the lake and Dakahlia, Damietta, East, West and future rounds will be in the Upper after days of mourning of the three, which began Sunday and ends on Tuesday, in mourning the death of Pope Shenouda III, where Dr. Mohamed El Naschie that he was a symbol of national unity and his departure a great loss of an entire people.

Abdul Samad pointed out that most of the agencies of young people, researchers, inventors and university professors from the Friends of the physicist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie and his students at universities [that should get two or three signatures] as well as parents and relatives, pointing out that it is expected to end the campaign on Saturday to raise thirty thousand power of attorney, expressed his condemnation of the phenomenon of buying franchises from by some potential candidates for the elections, which cost between the 50 to 200 power of attorney, saying that this level the slope is not worthy of Egypt after the revolution and give an indication of a serious about the possibility of vote-buying in elections or rigged, as indicated by Abdul Samad to the period of electoral silence prevented Naschie accompany the campaign in tours of the collection agencies because of the Electoral Commission stressed the cessation of the emergence of candidates for any media or public conferences.

And the prospects for strengthening the party's election campaign, said Abdul Samad that Naschie has Bkablh number of representatives of political parties Salafist party light and originality, reform and development and is in talks between him and a number of parties to select a candidate to them, stressing that the party that Sewed Dr El Naschie will be a surprise to all.

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  1. El Naschie, perhaps responding to this post, is now saying, if I understand correctly, that he has 17 thousand signatures, in a very brief El Wafd article. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    A commenter called Reem Mooya remembers that El Naschie was a huge Mubarak fan, and criticizes him for it.

  2. Mohamed Mustafa's blog has the Dostor piece scanned from a dead-tree newspaper.