Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lasst Euch nicht erpressen!

El Naschie Watch reader Slipper.Mystery points to an 11 March article by Philip Plickert in the major newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. M.S. El Naschie, Ji-Huan He and D.D Ganji are roundly criticized for their Impact Factor shenanigans. Plickert mentions the related pieces by Douglas Arnold and by Arnold and Fowler. Read the original German, or Google's English translation.

Two pedantic corrections to the article: First, Ji-Huan He is no longer at Donghua University. He has moved to Soochow University. Second, Plickert notes correctly that Ji-Huan He's IJNSNS page boasts the absurdly high impact factor of 5.099; but he apparently doesn't know that page is obsolete. IJNSNS was sold to De Gruyter, and Ji-Huan He was fired as Editor-in-Chief. The new page for IJNSNS is here.

Shrink notes that Die Zeit published a similar article and didn't get sued for it. Yeah, I think El Naschie's suing days are over. He might as well throw money down a rat hole.

We still await Mrs. Sharp's decision on El Naschie v Nature.

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