Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sabry's list of Egyptian presidential candidates

Blogger Bassem Sabry is maintaining a list of the many candidates for the Egyptian Presidency. He credits Hany Rasmy for providing more than half the entries. I stumbled across the list on March 8 when it first appeared and had only 54 names. Now it has 80. Sabry's list has been copied all over the Internet on blogs, chat groups and news sites, sometimes with minor modifications or re-orderings, often without attribution.

Notice that the fourth entry: "Dr. Mohamed El Naschie -- Engineer" is perfectly correct! Originally it said "Dr. Mohamed El Naschie -- Nanotechnology scientist" but I pointed out to Sabry that it was not true, directing him to El Naschie Watch. He made the correction promptly, and fortunately the correction seems to have propagated throughout the various Internet incarnations of his list.

Here is a recent example of El Naschie apparently backing off his inflated qualification claims. Masrawy has a current article about lesser known candidates. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Here's the part about El Naschie, whose machine translation I have cleaned up to the best of my ability:

Mohamed El Naschie, seeking to run for the presidency and who was educated in the West since his youth, and received a Ph.D. in civil engineering and a Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics [Very nearly true! No nonsense about nanotechnology or theoretical physics! I think the civil engineering degree was a bachelors or masters, though. Oh well, close enough.], said that his political leanings are liberal.

El Naschie, 70 years old, said that he wants a system of government "like a system of government of (the late president) Gamal Abdel Nasser, but avoiding mistakes made by Abdel-Nasser, such as restrictions on Islamic groups and confrontation with America."

He says, "if the program is the basis of the success of the candidate there would be no difficulty in borrowing any successful government program in another state... political situation, the current must change and increase security and to fix Egypt's economic disaster... these three problems will face any president who is coming."

In contrast to the words of the Brotherhood, whose Party of Freedom and Justice has two big blocs in the People's Assembly and Shura Council, that it would prefer a mixed parliamentary and presidential system, El Naschie said "there must be a presidential system of government and we should not weaken a president's powers."

"If there is a strong parliament before which the President of the Republic is weak, that will be a great problem... I feel that there would be confusion..."

Analysts expect the success of the candidate supported by the Brotherhood, which said it had not yet decided which candidate it will support. [In El Naschie decries "lying and calumny", we looked at an El Naschie editorial apparently designed to win Muslim Brotherhood support.]

Amid fears of Islamist domination of political life, the Brotherhood said it would not field a candidate for the presidential election, but said it would support a candidate with Muslim credentials, which means that it would not support a secular or Christian candidate.

When we run blunt pieces like El Naschie is not a nanotechnologist in any sense and No he is NOT a Cambridge professor, El Naschie squeals, but his behavior improves in the short term. We know it's difficult, but we encourage him to continue resisting the urge to inflate his qualifications.

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  1. Gololy Celebrity News has just added a biography of the great man. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Unfortunately it is full of nonsense, for example calling him a professor at the Solvay Foundation in Belgium. His affiliation with the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University has been more cautiously described than previously, avoiding saying he was a professor there.

  2. El Naschie, described incorrectly as a "scientist of nanotechnology", is on a list of people who picked up the required forms for their presidential nomination on the first day they became available, according to an article by Rabi Thani in Aawsat. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

  3. There are activities there for Elnaschie's sock puppet