Saturday, April 14, 2012

Abdul-Samad backs Hazem Abu Ismail

Zahy notes in a comment that El Naschie's ex campaign manager Mohammed Abdul-Samad has endorsed the Salafist candidate Hazem Abu Ismail, according to Abdul-Samad's Facebook page.

Ismail would restrict alcohol consumption to private residences, close gambling casinos, and ban bikinis. He has gained notoriety in the West with his praise of Osama bin Laden:

As it happens, Ismail has just been disqualified by Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) as a candidate because his mother has a US passport. There are 48 hours for Ismail to appeal the ruling. If he fails, Abdul-Samad will have to make another choice.

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  1. Is the ban of bikinis intended for foreign tourists also? It would be interesting to see photos from beaches in Hurgada or Sharm-el-Sheikh (both destinations very popular among Slovenians), if Ismail took the office. :D

  2. Yes, tourists in 2-piece bathing suits would be arrested. Gambling casinos are already tourist-only and they would be closed. Bars would be closed. From the article I linked about him, "About tourism, he says he wants to improve it and develop all its kinds" but this seems like the wrong approach, doesn't it? o_O