Monday, April 9, 2012

All-time best pic of Ji-Huan He

Click for full size.

It's been on his blog since 2010, but somehow I overlooked it.

Some of his latest blog entries show that he has been following El Naschie's presidential run. He reports that El Naschie is the candidate of the Egypt Arab Socialist Party, but not that the leader of that party, Dr. Waheed Aloxory, had a fit when he found out.

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  1. For the illiterate: Φ is the golden mean - good to know that we live in a 8.23606798 dimensional universe. I think it's about time for the Nobel Committee to award the Prize; such a paradigm shifting insight into the laws of nature can't go unnoticed any further. LOL

  2. Shrink, he used 1-phi or equivalently 1/phi to the phi you used, which is an alternative convention -- making the dimension of space-time 4.2360679 in E-infinity theory. It's equally stupid either way.

  3. Ha ha, right. I should have skimmed the entire article, not just the abstract:

    Scale Relativity in Cantorian ε(∞) Space and Average Dimensions of Our World