Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A claim to have attended Rössler's lectures

On Otto's April 15 post I would be Grateful to Be Allowed to Speak at the CERN-Lifeboat Conference, which has attracted 29 comments, one comment is causing much consternation:

adsfsadg on April 17, 2012 1:38 am
out of curiosity, i last year went into rösslers lectures. I found a small group of jounger scientific staff from the chemistry department, and older academicstaff members from tübingen. I also found some older curious guests. All those united that they had a huge lack of physics, which implied that they could not figure out themselves whether rössler was either talking something wrong or right. Unfortunately, it was wrong, but they did not notice. They did not question what rössler said. I felt like i would be among the followers of some sect with their priest. Rössler was talking on his crackpot stuff in relativity which was rejected by experts for years. He also was talking nonsense on various solutions of einstein’s equations. Any relativist who would go there, would probably not return since he would die from a heart attack because of so many errors. And well, rösser often implicitely made clear that he would favor it if the scientists who refused his wrong thesis were threatened violently. However, he did not say “lets kill someone” or something. He made it more subtle. Telling that no one would listen to him but that the scientists at cern and golm must be somehow “forced” to accept his theses. He also said that he does not see any peaceful way to achive this and that this would make it necessary to employ “unorthodox” methods of presure on the scientists at golm and mpi. I honestly think that the relativity staff at tübingen should immediately visit his lectures. Perhaps then, they will recognize that rössler should be forbidden to hold lectures at Tübingen. He only confuses his listeners with anecdotes and wrong stuff. There was almost no correct thing on physics that he said. For example, all the equations he wrote on the blackboard where mathematically invalid, or wrong. I never have seen so much wrong stuff to be thaught in a lecture room of an university.

Thanks to the anonymous reader who pointed this out.

Also causing much strife is erwtreg's incitement to murder which we noted in this comment. Lifeboat administrator Tom Kerwick, who has been culling Otto's posts vigorously, takes it as sarcastic or humorous.

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  1. Chemistry is one of the disciplines of science. It colours our life with the discovery of different hidden colours of nature and all the things necessary for making our life happier. The study of chemistry is a must for the advancement of society and for making mankind happier. Chemistry is concerned with rocks, minerals, non-minerals, air, water, plants, animals, other materials of organic origin earth atmosphere, interstellar atmosphere.

  2. Ha ha ha, check this one (Otto an invited speaker at the "Nostradamus" conference in September):


  3. Also note that another invited speaker will talk about the Great Man's "infinity theory". What a covenant of crackpots!

  4. why do i see springer verlag on the masthead of that crackpot conference? Will springer indeed publish these nonsensical conference papers?

  5. It seems so, Anonymous, as it is claimed:

    "Selected papers will be published in the Studies in Computational Intelligence series which is currently the leading series in the field (and even ranked No2 on downloads among all Springer book series)."

    BTW: The invited speaker mentioned above calls the Great Man's theory "infinite theory". I urge the Brotherhood to correct his outrageous misspelling. :D

  6. As springer publishes serious mathematical work, i think someone should inform them what material they are to publish with this...

  7. Pinky, the gothic "m"ouseApril 23, 2012 at 12:47 PM


    Rössler, react! Now! The shrinking of "lifeboat" (0.3 mm) has begun.

    For fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhLx4HplMbY

    Pinky, the gothic "m"ouse

  8. Rössler has "reacted" now..that reaction must be a joke.

    He siply sets his "results" as the absolute truth and therefore anything else must be wrong. if white dwarfs survive for long, not Rösslers assumptions are wrong, but the opposite is true. in the end the long survival times of stellar objects are the proof that earth must be eaten even faster - in Rösslers world.

  9. Pinky, the gothic 'm'ouseApril 29, 2012 at 12:02 PM

    Here it is, the "ALARM CALL" by shrinking Rössler:


    A good laugh at least.

    Pinky, the gothic 'm'ouse

  10. its been deleted now for unknown reasons...

  11. Unknown reasons would be Tom Kerwick. Anybody have the text by any chance?

  12. Pinky, the gothic mouseApril 29, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    Sorry, did not copy it. But the main content memorised in principle:

    Although Kerwick is a smart thinker, he is wrong (on white dwarfs etc.) and in fact became a supporter of CERN ... (and that's bad)

    Because Kerwick knows more technically, Goritschnig and Tottoli are influenced by him. Big danger!

    Have to talk soon!

    All in all sounds like phraseology from a sect leader who is fighting literally keeping his last followers under control.

    Still out for Nobel prize,
    Pinky, gothic 'm'ouse

  13. https://www.google.de/search?sclient=psy-ab&hl=de&site=&source=hp&q=+http%3A%2F%2Flifeboat.com%2Fblog%2F2012%2F04%2Falarm-call-dear-dr-tom-kerwick&btnK=Google-Suche

    ALARM CALL – Dear Dr. Tom Kerwick - Lifeboat News: The Blog
    15 hours ago ... You are a fresh thinker and a good character. But you have been lured onto a false trip. You, #1) believe in the truth of nonsense – that string ...
    lifeboat.com/.../alarm-call-dear-dr-tom-kerwick - Ähnliche Seiten

    At least an impression about the text.

    He really thinks GM were using string theoretical calculations.

    In another comment on the last white dwarf post of Kerwick he called whole science fraudulent again. What a poor self-immunization strategy

  14. Otto himself re-posted the text on Kerwick's "conversion" as a comment to another thread:

    Otto E. Rössler on April 30, 2012 10:33 am

    Tom, you are a fresh thinker and a good character. But you have been lured onto a false trip.

    You, #1) believe in the truth of nonsense – that string theory provided any unique basis for quantitative calculations – and you, #2) overlook the switch-like transition towards exponential growth after the first capture inside matter of a charged particle by a microblackhole.
    These two oversights of yours have turned you into an effective supporter of CERN’s – advocating continuation of the acutely planet-sacrificing experiment.

    This is a tragic development. Especially so since Markus Goritschnig and Niccolò Tottoli are following you owing to your being more informed technically than they are.

    We should talk for once.

    Take care,

  15. Sounds really like a sect leader desperately fighting for his followers.

    Unfortunately he has no arguments. His ponts about strings and so on are simply ridiculous.

  16. That I would be hearing the lecture of a sect leader was also the impression I got when listening to him during one of his lectures at Tübingen last year. I could sustain this strange session only for one time and decided not to go into another lecture of him anymore. It is simply crazy what happens there at Tübingen. Especially that nobody stops him is strange.

  17. otto has now a new posting on lifeboat, repeating his tele!"§"§ nonsense...

    can someone at lifeboat see that otto is mentally ill and ban him from there?

  18. I would prefer that someone like TRMG would kick him from time to time...Not too much, of course.

    Was always a great fun!

  19. Isn't there anyone who can deliver something like a audio-recording of Ottos lectures?

    That would be really interesting..

  20. It must be such that it does not disturb rössler too much. So, e.g a professor who rössler knows would be the wrong person.

    Perhaps engaged physics students at Tübingen would be willing to report.

    I do not believe that physics students at tübingen, who got a proper relativity introduction (the university has some reputation in computational general relativity. For example, prof. Huisken who is now at the MPI in Golm came from Tübingen), would want someone at the chemistry department telling nonsense on physics and relativity to the students.

    Here is the page of the physics students association of Tübingen:


    Perhaps Jason should send them an email. Then they will perhaps find someone who takes notes and converts them to pdf or brings his handy to take photos from the blackboard of those lectures (audio would also be interesting of course).



    kolloquium to endophysics:

    chaos and nonlinear dynamics:

    seminar to chaos and nonlinear dynamics:


    even that such a nonsense like endophysics is thaugth in the lecture halls of a university is a scandal for itself...

    I only was at one "lecture", and I unfortunately do not live anymore in Tübingen. Also, I did not take notes. Perhaps someone from the students association can do this...

  21. The point is that in fact any student who care about the reputation of his university and any scientist who cares about the reputation of science in Germany should be in some way interested in this case. No one should accept it that at Tübingen this crackpot could supervise nonsense and use this nonsense for agitation against science in general. No one should accept it that other professors at RTübingen are obviously in some way involved in this as they act as co-reviewers and comitee-members in the promotions of Rösslers PhD candidates.

    Normally I would say that there are mans reasons why someone should care about that at least on a rudimentary level.

  22. These is in some way even worse compared to the Guttenberg- and related affairs

  23. at first, one might believe from the title that ottos lecture on chaos theory would not be automatically a crackpot lecture.

    However, the lecture is called Chaos, nichtlineare Dynamik und theoretische Biologie - Einzelansicht

    that means: chaos, nonlinear dynamics, and theoretical biology.

    Here is an overview, with many references, of ottos "biology findings":


    and this is a typical elsevier paper of him on biology....


    this is some of the stuff in the chaos lecture...

  24. Despite the fact that it is again a conference contribution in the last link it sounds typical diffuse, chaotic und nonsensical.

  25. otto now proudly advertises a new article of him at lifeboat:

    it has references like this here:

    O.E. Rössler, Einstein completion of quantum mechanics made falsifiable, in: Complexity, Entropy, and the Physics of
    Information, ed. W. Zurek (Redwood City, 1990), pp. 367–373.

    Otto E. Rössler, An estimate of Planck’s constant, in: Dynamic Phenomena in Neurochemistry: Theoretical Aspects,
    ed. P. Erdi (Budapest, 1985), pp. 16–18.

    Otto E. Rössler, Endophysics: The World as an Interface (Singapore, 1998)

    Otto E. Rössler, Peter Weibel, and Cathrin Pichler, Interface-Technologie: Die nächste Entwicklungsstufe. Der
    Standard (newspaper, Vienna), 13 March 1999.

  26. Amazing. This guy deserves at least ten nobel prizes.

    If he does not understand something and sees that his "understanding" is not in agreement with the current knowledge he has found something new, of course. Following this method one can revolutionize the complete field of science in a lifetime. Fantastic!

  27. In his article:

    Rössler writes:

    When I first submitted the pertinent paper, “An estimate of Planck’s constant”, also cited above, the learned journal in question asked me for a potential referee. I mentioned a respected friend who had recently visited me and said complementary things about the paper. Then I received an anonymous referee’s response which began with the words: “Dear Otto, please, do not publish this paper.”

    Of course, mad otto still published it in a conference proceeding......

  28. Otto now writes against anonymous peer review on lifeboat:


    quote of otto:
    The reason for the current planet-wide abandonment of major progress lies in the re-acquired belief in clairvoyance – of which anonymous peer review is a symptom. Einstein would ridicule the latter as a “dogma-generating superstition.

  29. Otto got some torough beating up in the comments here:


    and here,


    and then there:




    and there:


    He seems to be quite annoyed with TMRG, PassingByAgain, Me and rpenner

  30. Otto has a new posting on lifeboat where he actively tries to issue an ultimatum and to blackmail several scientists working on gr:


    Otto Rössler wrote:

    I grant you, my esteemed 11 colleagues, 11 days to deliver – either on the CERN website of 2008, revised, or in case CERN denies you access, on this blog. If none of you manages to deliver a counter-proof to Telemach during this time, I shall

  31. I bet that the adressed professors:
    Academician Vitaly Ginzburg (Nobel Laureate in Physics, Lebedev Institute Moscow),
    Sheldon Glashow (Nobel Laureate in Physics, Boston University),
    Frank Wilczek (Nobel Laureate in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
    Richard Wilson (Mallinckrodt Professor emeritus of Physics, Harvard University),
    Steven Hawking (Lucasian Professor emeritus of Mathematics, Cambridge University),
    Edward Kolb (Astrophysicist, University of Chicago),
    Sir Roger Penrose (Rouse Ball Professor emeritus of Mathematics, Oxford University),
    Sir Martin Rees (UK Astronomer Royal and former President of the Royal Society London),
    Academician V.A. Rubakov (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow),
    Gerard ‘t Hooft (Nobel Laureate in Physics, CERN Scientific Policy Committee), and
    Hermann Nicolai (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Potsdam).

    must be very very afraid now....

  32. Pinky, the armageddon mouseJune 3, 2012 at 3:16 AM

    Mad Otto has a new "theorem":

    It is called "extended gravitational redshift theorem" (EGRT) and consists of one sentence.

    My new mini-paper:

    "If you are lactose-intolerant, the more cheese you eat, the more you get flatulence."

    Please disprove, and we all will be safe!

    Pinky, the armageddon-mouse

  33. Pinky, I see the paper consists of just the one sentence “A Constantly Receding Mass at Constant Distance Has a Lower Rest-mass and Charge”. Sometimes I think he's trolling.

    By the way I notice his May 14 and May 17 posts have a ton of comments. I should go over there and take a closer look.

  34. Pinky, the armageddon mouseJune 5, 2012 at 6:30 AM

    The next idiOTTOcy:


    "Einstein-Rossler-theorem" - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

    I really think everyone should think about stopping to feed that jerk on "lifeboat". At least for two weeks or a month - to see what will happen to his prayer drum.

    Pinky, the armageddon mouse

  35. The next bullshit:


    And of course he says again there would have been no contradictions, no critique and so on....

  36. I wonder what's Otto's reaction to today's news at CERN (it seems the Higgs boson has been confirmed to a significance of five sigma). Any apocalyptic prediction in that regard? LOL

  37. I asked there if he had a comment, but it was rejected as usual.

  38. I think this is a funny document of otto that i did not know before: