Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drama! Kerwick deletes twenty Rössler posts

He has emailed me the list of deleted Lifeboat titles:

Although the Proof that the Laws of Physics Presupposed by CERN Are Inexistent,
CERN’s Leadership Accepts the Comparison with Urinating Soldiers
I am the Only Person in History officially Declared “Infinitely Stupid”
The most Impressive Demonstration of Obedience of History – Fear of the Truth Greater than Fear of Killing and Dying
Someone Says: Please, Show me that my Proof that this Activity Risks Everyone’s Life
Unaddressed Published Proof of Danger automatically Stops any Experiment – including CERN’s
“Professor Rossler Published Proof that CERN is Threatening your Life and no Scientist Objects”
CERN has Lost its Gamble
Dear children: Sweet barrage
Dear Mr. Putin: Russia once Had Great Scientists like Zel’dovich
Dear Benjamin Netanyahu – Please, Demand before the Knesset
I Have enough of Being Allowed to Say “CERN Is Worse than Hitler”
Solidarity: After Europe Risked Planting a Time-bomb into Earth, America Stops Colonizing Mars
I Proved that CERN is Committing a Mega-Crime and Everybody Says: “So What?”
Two German Heads of State Stepped Down within Days of Having Declined to Save the Planet
Dear Judge Baltasar Garzón: Please, Engage International Courts against CERN’s Crime against Humanity
Claim: CERN Pays Ten Million Dollars to the First who Proves Telemach Wrong
Dear Israel: I Kissed your soil when Germany Persecuted my Family
Holy Child Season after CERN Has Laid a Bomb into Every Child's Cradle
Dear Chinese Government

Tom says he plans to keep Otto on a leash, and that he has tried to convince Otto he's wrong, but that kicking him out of Lifeboat is beyond his rank.

These latest deletions will surely not go unnoticed by Redaktion of RelativKritisch. And what will Otto do, if anything?

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  1. E-infinity group member Susie Vrobel has left a comment on this post of Rössler's.

  2. Jason,

    we noticed and, are watching this silly games between Roessler and his low rank famulus on lifeboat.

  3. The last articels cancelled by the admins of lifeboat:

    *Why am I Allowed to Say CERN Is about to Kill Your Child? ( ) (2012/04/06)

    *Dear Nobel Laureate Günter Grass… ( ) (2012/04/07)

  4. I'm blocked from posting the answer below to eq's comment under this thread at lifeboat:

    What Otto Rössler feared at the time in Tübingen? Well, having read his letters at the local newspapers that time, that's an easy question:

    Otto feard loss of money. Rössler was simply dissapointed why nobody backed him up during his trial with the government. He also was upset that he had to teach a lecture on chemistry for physicians.

    In germany, the exam in medicine is set up by government. So the government would have had an eye on what he teaches.

    It is now obvious that Otto lacks any scientific knowledge. He got his papers on chaos theory written only since someone had given him a folder with that stuff in it before. His other papers that had scientific content, where written with co authors. Left allone, Rössler has almost no scientific contributions. How on earth should someone like him now teach a chemistry lecture where government has an eye on what was lectured?

    He had no possibility to say that he was unqualified as a professor since to leave his chair would mean the loss of a lot of money. So he had to set up a campaign against the university. That campain had simply one goal:

    That the university leaves him allone and does not let him teach lectures where the curriculum is controlled by some higher instance, e.g. the government- It worked. from then on, rössler could teach what he wanted at Tübingen, no matter how wrong it was.

    There was just one problem: The journals did not accept his crude theses on relativity and physics. So, he set up a campaign again. This time against scientists who refuse to discuss his wrong papers.

    What I find kind of amusing is this comment from him:

    Otto Rössler wrote
    I appeal to friends in Japan not to tolerate being cut-off from potentially life-saving information from this portal.
    end quote.

    I remember, that after rössler sprayed graffiti on the main lecture hall, a letter to the editor appeared in the local newspaper where rössler wrote that he might leave the university to japan to teach where his knowledge would be coveted (he actually wrote "meine begehrten kenntnisse").

    However, he has not revealed, which university that was where he wanted to go. I therefore thought that rössler would, as usually, bluff. Since no reasonable university in japan would have wanted him at that time.
    Now, he also refuses to say, which japanese friends he appeals to.

    It is also interesting, that the university of Tübingen had forbidden Rössler to hold guest lectures at other universities. This was since the university feared that their reputation could be damaged when rössler, as a full professor of Tübingen, "teaches" his nonsense in somewhere else's lecture hall.

    1. Interesting comment. No wonder you are blocked at lifeboat. It still puzzles me that the University of Tuebingen still let him teach his crap and use its name in public. I tried to have a discussion with the dean of the chemistry department on this, but he basically old me that they don't care anymore. I just cannot believe that.

    2. "He got his papers on chaos theory written only since someone had given him a folder with that stuff in it before."

      It would be nice to have a proof for this.

      However, it seems quite unlikely to me that a person with this shown lack of scientific abilities should be the author of his more serious papers. There must be a ghost in the background who helped him or from whom he had stolen the stuff.

  5. @ Peter Howell:
    Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. They do not care. They give him lecture halls, let him supervise phd theses, and it just does not interest them whether he is teaching something right or wrong.

    @anonymous: I have only a lecture of rössler, where he said so. He once held a lecture before quacks, see here:

    if you are able to speak german, you will understand somewhere that Art Winfree gave him a folder with unpublished results on chaos theory. Then rössler simply published them. Thats how the rössler attractor came into being.

  6. "Thats how the rössler attractor came into being."


  7. Winfree Attractor...?