Thursday, April 5, 2012

El Naschie to run under Arab Socialist Party!

Great man calls decision not to run a "fabrication of the press"!

This is an update to El Naschie abandons presidential run! Well, this is very interesting. It may be that Ayman Nour learned that El Naschie is a Mubarak toady, a SCAF supporter, and a pseudoscientist -- and kicked him off his team. Or there may have been a miscommunication. See the last paragraph of this post for an explanation.

The venerable newspaper Al Ahram reports what we had already surmised, that El Naschie didn't get the 30,000 power of attorney signatures he needed to run. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. But now comes the interesting part. He was accompanied to the Election Commission's headquarters by a number of leaders of the Egyptian Arab Socialist Party (Hizb Misr al-arabi al-ishtaraki‎) to submit papers for his candidacy for the presidency under the banner of that party! ROTFLMAO. What a nasty surprise for Ayman Nour who had just proudly announced El Naschie's support.

Here's a report from news aggregator Masress, citing Felgomaa. El Naschie denies his abdication from running for president in favor of Ayman Nour. El Naschie calls the report of his quitting "a fabrication of the press". HAHAHA. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

Moheet also has the story. El Naschie submits papers advancing his candidacy on the ticket of the Egyptian Arab Socialist Party. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

It's just too funny.

Here's what's happening in context. In order to run, you need either 30,000 signatures; or the endorsement of a party with at least one seat in the parliament; or the nominations of at least thirty members of parliament. That third way was what the MB candidate Al Shater used. El Naschie had said that he was taking the 30,000 signatures route because it gave the least appearance of vote-buying. Now that he has failed to get the signatures, he has changed his mind.

El Naschie Watch reader Hossam writes in an email that there are only 13 confirmed candidates and the great man is not one of them, according to the official election website (in Arabic)

so it's not quite official yet.

What about El Naschie's fit with this party? Well, he's not really a socialist, judging by his Rosa Al-Youssef columns. He found a party who wanted a candidate with name recognition, and offered himself. Soon they will discover he's a fraud, and makes their party a laughing stock. That will be interesting. The Egypt Arab Socialist Party has a website,, but it is down. This does not bode well.

It's back, and here's a screen shot. Click pic for full size.They have 2,126 visitors in a country of population exceeding 81 million.

As to the report that he's on the Nour team, it may have happened that Nour issued a press release just saying the surname النشائي meaning El Naschie's brother Said, and the press mistakenly thought that meant Mohamed, who is better known. Just a guess, but plausible.

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  1. is up! It's an amusing, amateurish site, and strangely it's in English. There's melodramatic musical tape loop, and contact information for someone called Dr. Waheed Aloxory. I should probably write them.

    There is no mention of their endorsing El Naschie that I can find.

  2. There is a similarly named Socialist Party of Egypt but I think they are not the one endorsing El Naschie.