Sunday, April 8, 2012

El Naschie's campaign manager turns on him!

The campaign team for El Naschie has rejected a merger with Suleiman's team. How could El Naschie not see that coming? He's an idiot.

The election campaign of Dr. Mohamed El Naschie on Sunday evening withdrew completely from working in a team with presidential candidate Major General Omar Suleiman, after El Naschie's decision to withdraw his own candidacy. El Naschie had sought to bring the members of his campaign along to benefit the former Vice President (Suleiman). Original Arabic from or Google's English translation.

Mohammed Abdul-Samad, campaign manager for El Naschie, said that all members of the campaign reject El Naschie's decision to join the Suleiman campaign, saying

If El Naschie has made this choice for himself, fine, but it can not be imposed on us because we refuse to cooperate with the candidates from the former regime, which raised them, and who were removed from their positions in the 25 January 2011 revolution, and we will not contribute in any way to their return to power.

Abdul-Samad told the Middle East News Agency late Sunday that this position is not directed against Mr. Omar Suleiman personally but applies to all presidential candidates from the former system, adding that if El Naschie chose to withdraw in favor of Ahmad Shafiq or Amr Moussa, they would take the same position.

The Egyptian scientist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie announced last night his withdrawal from the marathon presidential election in favor of General Omar Suleiman and decided to join the presidential team with all members of his campaign because Suleiman was considered to have a better chance of winning and he reflects the same principles as El Naschie.

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  1. Now that ElN is out of the race, it is time for a verdict on his suit against nature.

    Meanwhile Douglas Arnold has returned (with Henry Cohn) in a follow-up on Elsevier, citing the "senior people are above this childish, vain practice of peer review" meme from the trial.

  2. Small world, I've met Henry Cohn.

    Mrs. Sharp is taking so long I'm nearly annoyed enough to start

  3. According to Alhram newspaper
    Elnaschie didn't complete all the required document for presidency candidacy. Thus he should come on last Saturday to present the rest of the documents.

    According to me
    I think El naschie didn't succeed to get thirty thousand signatures and moreover no respectful party can endorse him.

    El naschie is like a sniffling dog shouting and appearing every where just for show up.

  4. Here's that Al Ahram link enabled. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. But things have moved on since then, Zahy. His behavior the last couple of days was strange. First trying to sneak on to the Egypt Arab Socialist Party ticket without the approval of the leader, Aloxory. Then when that didn't work, volunteering his team to work for Suleiman without their approval. Which they refused. Clearly El Naschie loves attention, but his behavior suggests there's more to it than that. Bipolar disorder maybe.

  5. Assuming the elections are not going to be tampered with, Suleiman has no real chance of becoming a president. I wonder why would the great man bind himself with such a sinking ship. But then again he never had trouble changing his opinion according to who is in power so it's not a problem for him to leave Suleiman and praise whoever wins the elections as soon as the results are announced.

    On a different note however, I am trying to imagine what will happen if Suleiman wins. What am I going to tell my future son ? Yes, son, he was no 2 in a regime that we ousted by a revolution and then elected him to be no 1. Why do you find that difficult to understand, kid ? No, it's not because we eat too much beans in the morning.

  6. Hossam, if SCAF were going to manipulate the elections to sneak in their own guy, wouldn't they choose someone whose connection to the old regime is less obvious? I would think it would make their job easier.

    On Egyptian Chronicles, Zeinobia points to an official statement from Tantawy (in Arabic) that SCAF and the army are not endorsing a candidate.

    I doubt you will need to have that particular conversation with your son. On the other hand I can understand being let down after the initial euphoria of January 25th, faced with this crop of leading candidates.

  7. I agree. SCAF did not officially endorse anyone and even if they secretly wanted him there isn't much they can do about it.

  8. Mohammed Abdul-Samad, the campaign manager for El Naschie, now he is choosing Hazim Abu Isamil

  9. Wow, Zahy... I am speechless