Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elsevier FAIL

Thanks to the reader who pointed to M. Sivasubramanian and S. Kalimuthu, Computer application in mathematics, Comput. Math. Appl., Vol. 59 No.1 (2009), pp. 296–297. It is embedded below the fold.

Elsevier FAIL

This resulted in Elsevier firing Editor-in-Chief Ervin Y. Rodin, with whom we have had dealings documented in Email to Ervin Y. Rodin and CMA Editorial Board, Ji-Huan He loses a third editorial position and CMA special issue edited by Ji-Huan He!. Elsevier has replaced Rodin with Leszek Demkowicz.

Elsevier, adding insult to the injury it does to its long-suffering customers, wants you to pay US $39.95 to see the full text of the retraction.

Retraction Watch has a funny article about the fiasco: Math paper retracted because it “contains no scientific content”.

Douglas N. Arnold mentions this dreadful paper in a blog post.

CMA is number 23 on our Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions.

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  1. I really have to wonder what Rodin was thinking. The most plausible explanation is that he just didn't pay attention to his own journal, but then why did he refuse to retract this paper when it was brought to his attention? He did fire Ji-Huan He, after all, so he did at least try to do damage control in the past.

    I mean, El Naschie got citations and ego-stroking from all the crappy papers submitted to his journal, but these guys didn't cite Rodin, and I doubt they paid him.

  2. Rodin fired Ji-Huan He from the CMA editorial board in June 2010; but then had him edit a special issue of CMA in April 2011. In the CMA special issue link above I speculated in the last paragraph several reasons for Rodin's inconsistent behavior, but they were just guesses. It was a mystery. What I said at the time was

    Is Rodin on vacation? Getting on in years and becoming forgetful? In hospital with a bump on the noggin? If it's corruption, it is a feeble attempt, because we were bound to notice...

    Now we have the M. Sivasubramanian and S. Kalimuthu fiasco. A new data point.

  3. M. Sivasubramanian has also published another article in Applied Mathematical Letters (2010) 1137-1139.

  4. Haha. AML is another Elsevier journal. That M. Sivasubramanian paper also is retracted. Elsevier wants you to pay $31.50 to see the full retraction. Like CMA, AML has a new editor.

  5. Hey, look what showed up in "Articles In Press" at the "new" CM&A:

    Our ol' buddy JHH! He really loves this journal, and it loves him back. He gets fired from the board? No problem, he gets to edit a special issue about his nonsense. The rest of board gets fired? Still no problem, JHH continues to be able to publish his nonsense.

    This "brilliant" work is a mere 3 pages. I uploaded it here: http://oron.com/qdocivjn4wl4 for your enjoyment.