Thursday, April 26, 2012

More about the Scott Olsen book

Scott Olsen is a member of the infamous E-Infinity group. We have written about him before in Scott Olsen podcast interview on the golden ratio and Twaddle from E-infinity group member Scott Olsen. The latter post contained an extract from Olsen's book provided by Now Google Books has a similar page about it.

Under the section "References to this book from Google Scholar" five references are given. All are from El Naschie's erstwhile vanity journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals.

There are reader reviews, mostly positive and inane. My favorites are this critical one from J.R.,

It's a pretty book and starts out with simple explanations of the math. Then it goes on to find the golden ration everywhere. Even where it's not.

and this rave from Jess, who thinks the book was about another number altogether.

this 'wooden books' series is really great. big ideas, small books. i learned why Pi is one of the most elegant ratios in the universe.

Here's the part of the book that's visible in the preview rolled up into a PDF: Phi

In other news, Shrink directs our sttention to Why kick Elsevier? in which the Great Man is given as an example of unethical publishing pratice, and The academic publishing model is broken, where CSF is characterized as "purely self-promoting".

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