Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review of crackpot book cites El Naschie

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This is a review of Universal Cycle Theory: Neomechanics of the Hierarchically Infinite Universe by Stephen J Puetz and Glenn Borchardt PhD, Outskirts Press, 2011, which is available as a paperback or on Kindle.

Scott A. King wrote on March 24, 2012:

I very much enjoyed reading UCT. Although the book is highly technical (I am not an expert in this field), I was able to understand the core concepts. I think that the key to understanding the logic of the thesis is to have a good grasp of the ten rules laid out in the beginning. The second key to me was to not assume infinity as a number, but rather a concept.

Great thinkers have sought to understand and explain the physical world and cosmos for centuries. Amazing discoveries were accomplished by the ancients that still ring true to this day. I would highly recommend a study of Plato, Pythagorus and the discovery of Phi and the Golden Section and Fibonacci sequences. Their implications here are staggering. I also spent some time to see if there were other modern physicists and cosmologists that have similar research and support for this theory. I came across two individuals, Georgi Stankov and Professor Mohamed el Naschie. They most certainly support this theory.

It is interesting to see some of the more negative comments [Scott King is right about that. The critical comments, and the angry reactions to them including from Puetz, are hilarious] on this review page. Although there may be some truth to their disagreement, they did bring to my attention that the world is indeed flat! To disregard the research by Borchardt and Puetz in this phenomenal work is foolish. The theory does not disregard or invalidate modern accomplishments, but actually supports them. On the other hand, I would like to see some follow up analysis to further the theory. I would also like to see some simplified conclusions as to how this theory has practical implications today. I would also enjoy seeing a collaborative effort with works by the gentleman previously mentioned.

Finally, I enjoyed thinking of the possibilities that present themselves from this work. Most religions, both modern and ancient, have their roots in the cosmos. In Christianity and Judaism, one only needs to study the Sabbath to confirm this reality. In my opinion, the key to the sustainment of all humanity depends on the ability to exist in this galaxy without the need to exploit others for the sake of energy. I believe Buckminster Fuller was a pioneer on this topic. Everything works together. The Big Bang is a terribly difficult theory to believe. I like the framework presented in the Universal Cycle Theory. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I believe it is scientifically supportable.

I highly recommend this book, and want to congratulate Borchardt and Puetz for their exemplary work.

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  1. I found you guys the next El Naschie:

    How unsurprising that it is once again someone who edits (well, I guess he recently retired) his own Elsevier journal...