Friday, April 13, 2012

A thesis under Otto Rössler's supervision

And Rössler's grandiose paper about it.

Sonnleitner Dissertation

If you look at the last page of this Universität Tübingen thesis you'll see that Otto was the thesis supervisor. From the second page you will find that the oral qualifying exam was given on 8 December 2010. In attendance were Otto; the Dean, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel; and Prof. Dr. Nils Schopohl.

My purpose here isn't to beat up on the new Dr. Sonnleitner, who, with an advisor like Otto, has enough problems. But I did want to confirm that as an anonymous commenter said,

They do not care. They give him lecture halls, let him supervise phd theses, and it just does not interest them whether he is teaching something right or wrong.

which was in response to Peter Howell who said

It still puzzles me that the University of Tuebingen still let him teach his crap and use its name in public. I tried to have a discussion with the dean of the chemistry department on this, but he basically told me that they don't care anymore. I just cannot believe that.

And I wanted to point to a Vol. 20, No. 2, 2011 paper by Rössler in Complex Systems, a journal I am not famiar with, but it does have good people on the Editorial Board. Presumably submissions are peer reviewed. They say "Papers submitted to Complex Systems should present results in a manner accessible to a wide readership."

Rössler on Cryodynamics

The first and main reference in Otto's paper is to Sonnleitner's dissertation. The Introduction says

A never-before observed type of dynamical behavior—anti-dissipation in the forward direction of time—was numerically discovered recently [1].

If that's not grandiose enough, the Abstract begins

A new science called cryodynamics is proposed as a physical discipline as fundamental as thermodynamics.

We learn in Section 9 that

Cryodynamics is such a major addition to physics that “almost everything” appears to be in need of an overhaul in its wake...

Of course it is a great honor to be mentioned in such an important paper:

This paper is dedicated to Roger Penrose on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

If Otto really believes Sonnleitner's thesis is so important, why wasn't he included as a coauthor?

Why are Otto's colleagues at University of Tuebingen allowing him to supervise dissertations, and even sitting on his thesis committees?

And how did this bloviation get published?

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  1. Once again I am blocked from posting on Lifeboat. I have written to Tom Kerwick to complain. On Otto's April 13 post How Come CERN’s Non-objecting to the Worst Accusation of History Clears Its Name? I tried to say

    "You know Otto, you could start your own Blogspot or Wordpress blog and not have to suffer Tom's edits. Both your supporters and your detractors would enjoy seeing you unbridled, each for their own reasons. You might get more traffic, too.

    If you went the Blogspot route, I could help you with site design. Wouldn't you like a custom masthead like mine at El Naschie Watch?

    Otto has called this blog a "hate site" but also has expressed admiration for its design. He thinks it's "well funded". :)

  2. Pinky, the gothic mouseApril 13, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    Great compilation on the master of nonsense from Tübingen, thanks!

    Rössler is - still - getting more and more absurd in his last "lifeboat"-post regarding CERN: "– The largest most invisible media campaign of history with millions of money flowing?"

    Who is slipping all the money? Jewish Bolschewiks? At least Rösslers "good friend" Konrad Lorenz, the f**** Nazi, would have argued that way.

    Otto "the whole planet" Rössler ends his cerebral effusion with another ill-use of a current issue which has nothing to do with CERN:

    "Dear Trayvon: Please, help the poor planet of your parents."

    Just a questionnaire: does anybody of his supporters feel (a bit) uncomfortably reading such bs?

  3. Thank you Pinky! I was tempted to ask him why, even rhetorically, it's sensible to appeal to the late Trayvon Martin. I don't know what he's thinking or what point he's trying to make.

  4. One question: is Otto still employed at Universität Tübingen? In this comment:

    it's implied that he's now retired.

  5. I don't know, Shrink. Of course retired profs often keep their offices and hang around forever.

    By the way Tom Kerwick has whitelisted me again to comment in Lifeboat, but he has also deleted Otto's April 13 post so I'll have to comment elsewhere. It is unfortunate that each time Tom deletes a post the comments go down a black hole. They are the best part, of course.

  6. That says a lot about Rösslers posts. Since Kerwick follows the policy to delete any kind of personal attacks,nazi-comparisons - in brief the usual Rössler stuff - Rössler was not able to post anything new. That alone should make the people suspicious about Ottos real intentions - it is certainly not the survival of the planet.

  7. By deleting Rösslers insults, Kerwick is blurring Ottos real character. To show the whole Rössler's enterprise and mania he should not be censored. If lifeboat wants to get rid of his utterances, they should ban him from their site. But obviously there's a fraction in the staff, who wants to profit from his warnings against scientific experiments. Until now all requests to announce, whom of the staff invited Otto blogging on lifeboat were deleted too.

    We encouraged Rössler to publish his declamations on our site. He was aware we would comment every article and he didn't had the guts to follow our invitation.

    Roessler won't stay for long at lifeboat without the possibility to flail around. In the long run he has no other alternative as establishing an own blog or something like that. We should lean back and await the issue.

  8. Jason wrote:
    My purpose here isn't to beat up on the new Dr. Sonnleitner,
    end quote

    there is, however, no need to spare him from criticism. The problem is that this phd is a crackpot thesis. The thesis was discussed in the comments here:


    To look at the relevant comments, see here:

    and by the way:

    of course, officially, rössler is retired.

    in the old days, german professors got emerited rather than retired. as emeritus, a professor had the right, to use his rooms,hold lectures, employ a group of scientists and take phds and diploma exams until the end of the life.

    due to the cost of that, german professors are nowadays pensionated. that is, they have to leave the university, do not have the right to use a room, do not have the right to hold lewctures, and most importantly, they can not employ people at the universitys cost, but they still can take phd students and hold exams, if they want. However, such a phd candidate must have a co-advisor who is an active professor and payed by some german university.

    The scandal is indeed, that rössler is pensionated (rössler filed a lawsuit against the university of tübingen because he thought it would be a crime not to give him the status of an emeritus. however, rössler lost that lawsuit.)

    Since rössler is indeed retired, the university could easily forbid him to hold lectures there. The could just forbid him to enter any lecture hall at all.

    They also could refuse to act as co-advisors for phd students whose main advisor is rössler.

    But the staff at the university of tübingen does not care. They give him lecture halls where rössler can teach nonsense as he wants to do, without any control. they happily act as co advisors of phd candidates who rössler recruited during his crackpot lectures to do phds on his crackpottery ideas..

    this would be a scandal at most german universitys but it seems in tübingen nobody cares...

    1. The University of Tuebingen has recently lost a lot of credibility with a couple of scandals regarding fraud publications. My guess it that they either completely lowered the academic standards and - as you said - just don't care, or they do not want to shed more light onto the failures of their academic staff. Both is just not good practice and I wonder why the reputation of the university is still relatively high in Germany.

    2. @peter Howell: could you make it more precise what you mean with "a couple of fraud publications of Tübingen University"?

      Are you sure that you do not confuse this with another german university ?

      Since with the very exception of rösslers work, I do not remember any fraud publications there recently...

    3. Thx for making things clear.

  9. Thank you Redaktion and Anonymous for your excellent comments. Here are those links enabled.

    1, 2

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    I am blocked at Lifeboat again. On and off, on and off. As if there are two people fighting over my status.

    I tried just now to post the following:

    Otto, starting your own blog wouldn't be fleeing. Tom's not chasing you out. He's just insisting your posts adhere to Lifeboat's standards as he sees them, and that seems reasonable to me. It's Lifeboat's site and it's up to them what gets posted there.

    There is no possibility of compromise that will make both you and Lifeboat happy. You had a falling out with a previous host, Achtphasen. Why not make sure it never happens again? When you have your own blog you're the boss. Call it or or or whatever you like. It's easy to set up with a default template and can be customized as you go.

    Both your supporters and your critics want you uncensored. And everyone is unhappy that when Tom deletes a post, all their valuable comments go down a black hole along with it.

    When you have your own blog you have, if I may point it out, full editorial control over not only what you post, but what comments you allow! I hesitate to point this out as an advantage, but it's true. El Naschie Watch doesn't censor anything except spam, but most bloggers are less permissive.

    Question for Tom: Regarding all the deleted posts and their comments, are they recoverable? Or are they gone for good. On my blog I have the option of deleting things permanently or just taking them off-line. Which have you done? Can Otto be given the deleted material so he can host it elsewhere?

  10. heh. "eq" posted my comment for me on Lifeboat. :)

    Thanks eq!!!

  11. Latest comments only seconds old from Lifeboat, reposted here because some are likely to be deleted (as you will surmise by reading them)...

    Tom Kerwick on April 14, 2012 12:43 pm

    Eq/Jason/Otto — the posts are just taken off-line. Full content can be provided back to Otto to post elsewhere, or reinstated on Lifeboat if all feel it is better to open the flood gates again… I am not under mandate to censor.
    erwtreg on April 14, 2012 12:57 pm

    Dear Ottio,
    As you expressed in your last lecture, you need help to stop the insane persons at cern and at mpi golm. You have indicated in you lectures that there would be perhaps one last way to get rid of those mad scientists. And that would employ violence. Do you need any weapons or learn how to shoot in order to deal with the cern problems? I know some hunters who have a good amound of rifles that can shoot very precisely over large distances. They could be easily fired, e.g. from a car and are relatively silent. That way, one could ambush someone to take him out. I can sent those weapons to you for no cost. I can also offer you some training in precision shooting with those rifles. If you want those weapons, or some training just feel free to give me your postal adress. Then, you can hire a car in genf and get the problem done quite easily.
    Richard Roache on April 14, 2012 12:58 pm

    I am not under mandate to censor.

    The better question is, who is interested in holding Roessler as a member of lifeboat. Who was responsible, that Roessler ever joint this blog?

  12. Rössler has published a new posting and is talking about a lifeboat safety conference.

    He simply repeats the old nonsense of being non-disproven or that there would be no counterargument against his "science" which is an obvious lie.

  13. No there is a comment published in the recent Rössler post from a guy pretending to have heard a Rössler lecture. Is there anyone who can confirm his experiences?

  14. Humankind has never been good at dealing with dangers we haven't experienced before. a good job with dealing with tornadoes, less so with a flood like Katrina. and a volcano that never went off before in human history or a man-made hole almost not at all,

    Richard Kane

  15. news of otto:

    Otto Rössler wrote:
    Rest mass is not conserved in “special relativity with acceleration included.
    end quote.

    It seems he gets more and more delusional