Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video! El Naschie pretends to be a scientist

In Arabic without subtitles. This high-quality video of length 4:59 was uploaded just today by Youm7News. It shows El Naschie speaking at a news conference on the Seventh Day news channel. The title is النشائي ينضم رسميا لغد الثورة ويعين خبير خبراء البحث العلمي which means something like "El Naschie officially joins the Revolution Tomorrow party as Expert of Scientific Research".

The Revolution Tomorrow (Ghad El-Thawra) party is headed by Ayman Nour, who El Naschie mentions several times.

This is surprising, because El Naschie's estranged black sheep brother Said Elnashaie had an important post in that party last I heard, and they were not getting along at all. Also because Nour and his party are hostile to Mubarak regime remnants, in contrast with El Naschie who supported Mubarak's spy chief Omar Suleiman when his own presidential candidacy fell apart. El Naschie even advocated awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Mubarak. Whether Nour is unaware of El Naschie's background, or just doesn't care, it's all quite strange.

Ayman Nour appears to believe El Naschie is a real scientist. This does not reflect well on his judgment.

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  1. Here's some fodder for El Nachie's next theory: http://xkcd.com/1047/

  2. That's excellent. :)


    The proton-electron mass ratio looks like it's from E-infinity theory.