Saturday, April 7, 2012

Videos! El Naschie quits race, backs Suleiman

Here's a very short 0:47 clip of El Naschie uploaded today by YouTube user nagy87888990. The description is النشائي يعتبر ترشح سليمان احياء لمصر داخليا وخارجيا or "El Naschie, candidate for Egypt, to revive Suleiman internally and externally". This refers to General Omar Suleiman, about whom El Naschie has said nice things before, and who has just announced he will run.

This one was uploaded today by MrVideoelgomaa. Length 5:34. The description is محمد النشائى يرى الرئيس القادم عمر سليمان or "Mohamed El Naschie sees the next president, Omar Suleiman".

And this one was uploaded today by alhayatchannels. Length 6:19. The description is
عمر سليمان يسحب أوراق ترشحه لرئاسة الجمهورية وسط إجراءات أمنية مشددة
حاتم بجاتو : عمر سليمان سحب إستمارة الترشح فقط وبيان خلال ساعات لإعلان التفاصيل
غدا غلق باب الترشح على منصب رئيس الجمهورية
مراسل الحياة الآن : المرشح محمد النشائي يتنازل أمام اللجنة عن ترشحه لصالح اللواء عمر سليمان
Omar Suleiman, withdraw his candidacy papers for the presidency amid tight security
Hatem Bjato: Omar Suleiman, the withdrawal of candidacy form and a statement only a few hours to announce details
Tomorrow the door closes to run for the post of President of the Republic
Correspondent life now candidate Mohamed El Naschie give before the committee for his candidacy in favor of Major General Omar Suleiman

El Naschie is mentioned in the above clip but doesn't appear.

So it sounds like El Naschie's quitting and backing Suleiman. And indeed, here's an article hot off the press to that effect on Original Arabic النشائي يصاحب عمر سليمان أثناء سحب أوراق ترشحه للرئاسة or Google's English translation El Naschie accompanies Omar Suleiman during the withdrawal of his candidacy papers for the presidency.

Omar Suleiman was Egypt's top spy for years, under Mubarak. It would be strange if he were unaware that El Naschie is a fake.

Here are a couple of recent newspaper clippings of the great man, from Mohamed Mustafa's blog. Click for full size.

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  1. News stories about El Naschie in English are rare, so readers may want to have a look at this one from Amwal Al Ghad. Egyptian Scientist El Naschie to run for President. Of course events have moved on and we now know El Naschie is out of the race, and is supporting Omar Suleiman.

  2. There was a Sunday 2:00 PM deadline, now passed, for candidates to get on the official list, which now has 23 names on it. El Naschie of course is not on it. His favorite Omar Suleiman squeaked in just in time with 44,000 signatures.

  3. In remarks to Seventh Day, El Naschie praises Omar Suleiman as an important national figure. El Naschie claims he knew Suleiman was sick. Haha, sure. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie somehow forgets to mention the outcome of his libel suit against Nature.

  4. Oh, yes, the Great Man's curse. :)

    BTW: Al Ghad's news article is what Wikipedia contributors have been sought for: an article in English about Great Man's presidential candidacy. Someone should tell them on the Talk Page.

  5. Haha yes, El Naschie's Curse! Omar Suleiman taught El Naschie everything he knows about spying.

    Which Al Ghad article do you mean? It doesn't make sense that English Wikipedia can't use an Arabic newspaper as a reference though. There are tons of articles on El Naschie's presidential run in Arabic.

    By the way Arabic Wikipedia is still locked down, not allowing the edits pointing to El Naschie Watch, or even to the English Wikipedia article.

  6. The one you've linked to in the first comment.

    Arabic newspapers are legit references but confirmation is needed by Arabic speakers for the content.