Thursday, May 31, 2012

El Naschie misspells his own name

There is an amusing pretense going on at Mohamed Mustafa's blog, where today El Naschie has issued a press release in English:

Engineering scientist and theoretical physicist, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al Nashaee [sic] endorses the result of the first round Presidential elections and calls for unity.

In a short but pointed communiqué to the Egyptian Press Prof. Mohamed Al Nashaee [sic] commented on the result leading to the two contenders Dr. Mohamed Mursi and Marshall Ahmed Shafiq to compete for the Presidency in the final round next month. He said:

“To be absolutely candids [sic] and even blunt but without meaning to be offensive in any sense I have to say that with the exception of three candidate of the thirteen or so who ran in the first round of the Presidential elections, none of the candidates had the experience or the pre-qualifications badly needed for the job of a President of the post revolutionary Egypt. The three exceptions are”

1. Dr. Mohamed Mursi who although he is nothing more but nothing less than a university professor, he does nevertheless enjoy the support of the largest and most organized political force in Egypt, namely the Moslem Brothers of which he was a long standing member. Of course the Moslem Brothers do not have experience in governing having been the underground opposition for almost 80 years before winning the last parliament. They lack the experience of governing. However by trial and error and their strong will and perseverance they will be able to ultimately lead the country via their candidate to a safe shore.

2. Marshall Ahmed Shafiq and I admit freely that he is my preference for the Presidency based on rational, unemotional considerations, is definitely equipped to lead Egypt in these tumultuous years. Shafiq was for many years a Minister for Aviation and did very well in this position. He also had the courage and patriotism to accept the position of Prime Minister of Egypt at the outbreak of the revolution, a task which not many lesser people would have dared to accept.

3. Mr. Amr Moussa was for many years a successful and popular Foreign Minister of Egypt and then he became an equally successful Secretary of the Army.

Of course at the end only the first two candidates made it to the final round. This is democracy in action and one should accept the outcome of the next round whether one likes it or not. Both candidates are patriots who love Egypt and who will do their best to save Egypt. My own personal opinion does not matter much but from where I stand I think the road which will be taken by Shafiq might be shorter road to prosperity for Egypt. To oppose the final result would not only be undemocratic but also unpatriotic because it will lead to division and hardship for Egypt. In this connection I humbly call on Marshall Shafiq to consider working closely with the Moslem Brothers and in fact I can envisage a situation where for instance Marshall Ahmed Shafiq becomes a President while the government is led by some of the younger past Presidential contenders with many Ministerial positions given to Moslem Brothers as well as representatives of the leftists and Nasserist parties. At the end all what matters is Egypt and I can assure everyone in this respect that the present time is not the time of slogans and big words and empty promises. The next period will be made up of hard work. We all want freedom, dignity and economical prosperity but simply wishing for that would not do the trick. We want equality meaning for all Egyptians to be equally prosperous. Making Egyptians equal by impoverishing all of them is very easy but it is not what the Egyptians want at the end of the day. In this sense, may the best candidate of the two win.

It should be mentioned that Prof. Al Nashaee [sic] was one of the probable candidates for the Presidency but he declined [No. He was disqualified] in favour of General Omar Sulieman who in turn withdrew [No. El Naschie and Suleiman both were disqualified for lack of signatures] from the Presidential race.

The Egyptian press has little interest in El Naschie's communiqués these days, notwithstanding their being short and pointed. If El Naschie followed the usual procedure for press releases, i.e., releasing them to the press, the result was unsatisfactory. No one except his sockpuppet Mohamed Mustafa -- and of course El Naschie Watch -- found this interesting enough to print.

Why has the Great Man suddenly begun spelling his name in this novel, never-before-seen manner? To disguise his authorship of the press release. But it's pointless. We know El Naschie surreptitiously writes about himself in the third person because we have caught him at it before. On the matter of El Naschie's sockpuppetry documents an egregious example which would be humiliating to him if he had any sense of shame.

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  1. Actually, Al Nashaee is a more proper presentation of how his name is spelled in Arabic. I've always wondered why he choose to write it as El Naschie. Probably to make it easier for westerners to pronounce it (especially Germans; hence the 'sch' instead of 'sh'). The 'El' vs 'Al' part is just the difference between the Egyptian and standard Arabic pronunciation of the definite article.

  2. Thanks Hossam, that's interesting. As you know the three brothers all spell their name differently in Roman letters. El Naschie, Elnashai, Elnashaie. Versions of the surname from Google Translate include Alnchaii and Alnchaiy. This new spelling Al Nashaee I accept is objectively better, but I don't think that's why it was chosen. I think it was written by El Naschie or the sockpuppet blogmaster, who are 100% aware of the way El Naschie consistently spells his name. They just wanted the press release to look like El Naschie didn't write it. But the whole thing has his style.