Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kook blog cites "mathematician El Naschie"

Apple of Perception by Joseph Venné is new to me. The loon Dan Winter, who we have written about before, features prominently in the discussion there.

El Naschie's "Golden Quantum Field Theory" is mentioned, and the great man is misquoted as saying that his theory is "evidence that fractality is the cause of gravity". El Naschie has said many idiotic things, but that particular idiotic thing isn't one of them, to the best of our knowledge.

El Naschie is not a mathematician. He has no degree in math or physics, even at the undergraduate level.

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  1. Sorry Jason you are wrong again. El Naschie said not once but several times that gravity is a consequence of fractal time. The idea was fully accepted for a long time within the framework of Feynman's gravity as a fluctuation. Feynman said it is a fluctuation of something. In several papers together with his friend from the University of Michigan El Naschie reasoned that this something is time. As for El Naschie being an engineer, this is no secret Jason. In fact I find it very arogant of El Naschie to always emphasizes that he is an engineer and not a physicist. In Egypt as in Germany there is a system called numerus clausus which ensures that only the best students go into engineering and medicine. Lesser students become lawyers or worse still, physicists who will find no job because Egypt has no industry requiring research and development, at least not like in the USA or Japan. I think you are flattering El Naschie when you say he has no degree in either maths or physics. I sincerely do not understand why you concentrated all your efforts for almost a decade on someone simply because he did not study maths or physics. However it is your business. It is a free country and a free internet. Just thought it should be said at least once that your blog is bringing El Naschie a lot of sympathy for being victimized.

  2. You have exposed clearly that you are part of a defamatory campaign against Prof. El Naschie and in the end you will be tried and justice will prevail. Crooks you are and agents as well.

  3. Anonymous, please, be more accurate: tell us who is his friend from the University of Michigan and where the joint publications can be found.

    As for his background: the problem is that the Great Man promotes himself as a physicist, mathematician, nuclear expert and nanotechnology scientist despite the fact he has no formal education in any of the fields. Furthermore, he distorts information about some real scientists who have formal education in the relevant fields (e.g. Witten) claiming that they don't have any (as is the case for himself). In short: he's a fake and desperately tries to defend his fake credentials by comparing himself to real scientists.

    Your claim about the education system in Germany is ridicolous. One of the associates of this blog is German and he will be pleased to inform you about how it really works.

    Speaking of who's wrong: Jason is dealing with your friend for the last 3 years, which is far less than a decade.

    Your last words (free country/internet, the Great Man being victimized) are so typical of his sockpuppets from other blogs, sites, forums, that we - on this blog - are incredulous to find one here. Just keep commenting (even with threats with lawsuits)! LOL

  4. Jason, unstick my comment from the filter. :)