Sunday, May 27, 2012

Whimsical defense of El Naschie vouchsafed

The furtive author of the following comments visited El Naschie Watch through an anonymous proxy server. He or she points to the admissions-limiting numerus clausus system as evidence of the Great Man's erudition.

Anonymous May 27, 2012 1:52 AM
Sorry Jason you are wrong again. El Naschie said not once but several times that gravity is a consequence of fractal time. The idea was fully accepted for a long time within the framework of Feynman's gravity as a fluctuation. Feynman said it is a fluctuation of something. In several papers together with his friend from the University of Michigan El Naschie reasoned that this something is time. As for El Naschie being an engineer, this is no secret Jason. In fact I find it very arogant [sic] of El Naschie to always emphasizes that he is an engineer and not a physicist. In Egypt as in Germany there is a system called numerus clausus which ensures that only the best students go into engineering and medicine. Lesser students become lawyers or worse still, physicists who will find no job because Egypt has no industry requiring research and development, at least not like in the USA or Japan. I think you are flattering El Naschie when you say he has no degree in either maths or physics. I sincerely do not understand why you concentrated all your efforts for almost a decade on someone simply because he did not study maths or physics. However it is your business. It is a free country and a free internet. Just thought it should be said at least once that your blog is bringing El Naschie a lot of sympathy for being victimized.

Anonymous May 27, 2012 5:10 AM
Bunch of morons and you need shrinks

Anonymous May 27, 2012 5:20 AM
You have exposed clearly that you are part of a defamatory campaign against Prof. El Naschie and in the end you will be tried and justice will prevail. Crooks you are and agents as well.

The identity of "his friend from the University of Michigan" is not known to me. The commenter didn't cite any specific papers of El Naschie, but I hope he returns and does so.

It is false that El Naschie "always emphasizes that he is an engineer and not a physicist". His lack of math and physics degrees can be inferred from his boilerplate biographies, but in newspapers and on television he is always introduced most prominently as an "Egyptian physicist nominated several times for the Nobel Prize", or as a "nanotechnology scientist", or as a "nuclear scientist", all of which are fanciful, purely imaginary qualifications, insofar as they apply to El Naschie.

We do not concentrate our efforts on El Naschie "simply because he did not study maths or physics" but because he pretends to be a scientist -- indeed a scientist who deserves the Nobel Prize several times over, but was denied it by operatives in Tel Aviv, because he is an Arab, a Muslim, named Mohamed, and carries an Egyptian passport.

El Naschie did not study engineering in Egypt so no credit is due him for surmounting associated numerus clausus in that country. He got his PhD in civil or structural engineering in Britain, which has no numerus clausus. If a foreign student can pay the tuition, it is not terribly difficult for him to enter a German university to earn an undergraduate degree in civil engineering (an honorable profession, but frankly the bottom rung of the engineering ladder), as El Naschie did.

This blog has existed for three and a half years, not "almost a decade".

El Naschie writes ridiculous numerological nonsense papers. Anyone defending his physics is a fool. He can't publish anymore, since Elsevier fired him as Editor-in-Chief of Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. He can't pass peer review. His scorn in Mrs. Justice Sharp's court for "the childish, vain practice of peer review" was a tacit admission.

This commenter is probably Amr Elnashai, a.k.a. Scorpion300; or El Naschie himself. Whoever he is, he is welcome, and we hope he returns for more discussion.

In other news, Inforrm's Blog in Law and Media Round Up – 28 May 2012 confirms that the El Naschie v Nature verdict expected months ago from Mrs. Justice Sharp remains outstanding.

UPDATE. Shrink points to J. P. Krisch and E. N. Glass, Dimension in a Radiative Stellar Atmosphere, General Relativity and Gravitation, Volume 33, Number 9 (2001), 1449-1458, DOI: 10.1023/A:1012232608703.
Krisch and Glass
This is undoubtedly what Anonymous referred to. Note from the front page "KEY WORDS: Spacetime dimensions; fractals; Kaluza-Klein" and on page 8 a reference to "the Cantorian spacetime model described by El Naschie [26]".

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  1. It seems the only connection to anyone from the University of Michigan is this article citing the Great Man:

    Dimension in a Radiative Stellar Atmosphere

  2. Amr Elnashai is lucky to have tenure and be his own department head, otherwise good luck going to the Tenure & Promotions committee meeting with bullshit papers in IJNSNS praising a scientific fraudster on your CV. T&P committees are not stupid.

  3. UPDATED with Krisch and Glass paper.

  4. Well, that's an uninspiring paper. My guess is they google'd some keyword relevant to their background literature search, El Naschie's abstract came up, and they didn't bother actually reading the paper. Slap the reference in there..."good enough for government work".

  5. Does Amr actually have bullshit papers in IJNSNS? He had a joint paper with Mohamed, but that was in the 70s in a reputable mechanical engineering journal. Or were there other papers that are not on his CV?

  6. Amr co-wrote this 2006 paper (PDF) in IJNSNS about the Pharos of Alexandria, an ancient building. It looks legit, even interesting. But there is an absurd dedication to El Naschie, which you have to read to believe.

  7. Dear Jason,
    Your site always cheers me up - its almost better than reading Private Eye. I love reading the deluded papers which you have been pointing out - flying carpets, numerology, it makes me laugh if it wasnt for the fact that these individuals have been promoted, lauded at some stage and have been a role model which the deluded have tried to emulate.
    Any idea when the result of the court case regarding the libel is out ?
    Best regards

  8. Thanks Ian, you're very kind! It is appalling how long Mrs. Sharp is taking to write her opinion. I am on the Royal Courts of Justice mailing list so I will know as soon as the verdict is in, and of course I'll report it right away.

  9. I also am a fan of Private Eye by the way.

  10. Who knows, maybe the verdict has already been sent out to the parties involved - that could explain the Great Man's sock-puppet rage on this blog never seen before :) - and we must wait for the formal release. I don't know about the British legal system but in my country the parties must be informed about the verdict first (and must acknowledge they got it) before any public release.

  11. It was an unusual outburst. I hope the anonymous proxy using sockpuppet returns.