Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mohamed El Naschie is not a professor

Click pic for full size. We have written often before at great length about El Naschie's various and fanciful affiliation claims, but in this post let's keep it so simple that even a sockpuppet can understand.

  • El Naschie is not listed among the Faculty of the Alexandria University Physics Department.
  • El Naschie is not listed among the Faculty of Physics at the University of Frankfurt.

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  1. The latest dramatic political goings-on in Egypt are all over the news. I won't report them here, but I should mention that El Naschie, said to be reporting from his "base in Northern Germany" is delighted with the Egyptian Supreme Court's decision dissolving Parliament and so on, according to the two latest posts on Mohamed Mustafa's blog. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.