Monday, June 25, 2012

El Naschie's anti-Zewail blog starts up again

Click each pic for full size. Another one of El Naschie's blogs, The Truth about Dr. Ahmed Zewail, which had been dormant since March 2011, has resumed operations. The proprietor is a sockpuppet called Nadia.

A May 3, 2012 post contains these clippings from the Egyptian weekly newspaper Al Maydan. The format is not compatible with Google Translate, but presumably El Naschie is criticizing Nobel Prize winning chemist Ahmed Zewail, who hilariously has been sued by El Naschie for stealing his ideas. There has been no news about that case for quite a long time. If an Arabic reader sees any news about it, please let us know.

Zewail knows El Naschie is a fake. His Zewail City of Science and Technology threatens El Naschie's ability to continue convincingly his pretense of being an actual scientist.

The article contains six photos of El Naschie, possibly a record. But none of Zewail.

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