Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From Cairo with love, part 2

Here are the comments of our Golden Age style sockpuppet gathered into a post, and some comments about them.

Anonymous June 12, 2012 2:53 AM

Socrates advised as surely that everybody knows is to start by knowing yourself. If Mohamed El naschie is a crackpot which may or may not be the case, then what do you call a man who devoted years of his life day by day to talk about a crackpot? My suggestion is that Jason Rush and his El naschie watch are a night pot. If in doubt what this is, it is what old people use when they suffer from incontinence at night. Some people might be offended by this. In fact a night pot might file a complaint for being compared to Jason. I am sure he doesnt mind.

shrink June 12, 2012 8:44 AM

Wellcome back, sockpuppet!

Please, tell us about some news regarding your master vs Nature case. Does he plan to take a loan or to sell his property in England for paying their legal expenses?

Anonymous June 12, 2012 9:05 AM

So Shrink is nobody else but Jason. I have never seen him but I imagine him to be something like Dr. Love [sic. Probably Dr. Strangelove] except with no science or brains. I am sure Stanley Kobric [sic. Kubric. This vowel mixup is sometimes seen with native Arabic speakers] will also be offended let alone Peter Sellers. Luckily for Peter he is dead and doesnt need to endure the smell of the shrink. I imagine Jason to be handicapped in a wheelchair and that explains his obsession with sex which is indicative of impotence. El Naschie is not my master. In fact I dont give a damn about him but I would like to know who is your paymaster Jason. Is it Christopher [sic. Christoph] Drosser or do you receive your money directly from the failed Prof. John Baez? Your stuff is under the dignity of Renate Loll and her crew. I can imagine El naschie could run a brothel like yours on the internet to collect money because for sure he doesnt intend to pay a penny to Nature. Nature did not fight this legal case to get money. I agree with you Jason that it is curious that there is no court decision. If you consider that Mohamed el naschie was not represented legally or at least that is what we are told and that Nature was represented by 6 QC's according to unconfirmed rumors then it is hilarious that the court needs 7 months to make up its mind. For sure something is fowl [sic. foul; rotten] in the state of Denmark or is the affair of Nature and MacMillan Publishing International. I hope he loses this case because then we can be sure that he and his followers will unleash unprecedented thunderstorm which hopefully will wipe away this filthy commercial publisher who have spoiled science and turned it over into scientific prostitution.

Jason June 12, 2012 10:00 AM

Anonymous, you are invited to write a guest post. Let me know. We don't get many El Naschie fans around here, so you are a rare treat.

shrink June 12, 2012 5:48 PM

Oh, Anonymous, you're such a tasty sockpuppet resembling the style and making the same statements as the sockpuppets in their golden era.

Please, don't be shy, and provide us with some news on your friend. Also feel free to express your true feelings - Jason won't censor any of your comments.

As for your claim that Jason and I are the same person, well, feel free to believe that, as you can believe that Jason is a hired character assassin, that Nature's and Die Zeit's articles are a Dutch plot to steal your friend's ideas and that Her Majesty herself took interest in the case of your friend. LOL

I omit his IP address out of respect for his privacy but he surely won't mind if I tell readers that he visits this blog from Cairo, and finds it by searching for "Mohamed El Naschie" on www.google.com.eg.

This sockpuppetry is delicious. Delectable.

Someone who claims not to give a damn about El Naschie certainly knows a lot about him. "Renate Loll and her crew"? "for sure he doesnt intend to pay a penny to Nature"? Seriously?

El Naschie represented himself in Court because both his law firms, first Howrey on August 19, 2009 and then Collyer Bristow in July 2010, dumped him. Collyer Bristow gave the excuse that El Naschie wasn't providing them sufficient instructions. This is a gentle way of saying that his case was hopeless and the old pseudoscientist cheapskate wanted them to handle it on contingency.

It is a mistake for our sockpuppet to think that Mrs. Sharp's taking a long time to write her opinion means she's having difficulty making up her mind. If she doesn't read El Naschie Watch, she's the only person with an interest in the great man who doesn't. She's taking a long time because it's a high-profile case for a relatively new judge, a case that will be frequently cited at a time when English libel law is under review, and she wants to do a good job. She'll kick him to the curb, as he richly deserves.

It is hard to see how El Naschie and his followers would be able to "wipe away this filthy commercial publisher" Macmillan. Surely winning this libel case is a necessary first step for them.

This sockpuppet reminds me very much of Anonymous Ludwig from our old blog post From Cairo with love, who wrote at 7:04 PM, November 30, 2008 to Bee at her Backreaction blog

Please spare me the crocodile tears. I have read for days and days now what you are writing. You are heart and soul with your colleague in the trade John Baez. You knew from day one that first Prof. El Naschie has a Ph.D and second he is a Distinguished Fellow. Are you really seriously asking how I know that? Because you are both German and married and your supervisor Bee was Horst Stocker who is a student of Walter Greiner who is a friend of Mohamed El Naschie. I am sure you are going to take this comment out. You have the nerve to have a go at those who are speaking the truth about John Baez and then you leave all these untruthful comments about Prof. El Naschie. John Baez might not know the whole truth, but both of you did. It is becoming a case for the police of Frankfurt where you live.

Same impotent rage and implausible threats, same familiarity with El Naschie, same fixation with John Baez.

This Cairene sockpuppet's comments also closely resemble those left on Pressgazette and archived in Those Hidden Pressgazette Comments. For example

Schimer, September 6, 2010
It is astonishing that an internet criminal like you Jason is concerned about legal troubles. Your comments show clearly who is your paymaster. Anyone can see that. Now yu are really in your element throwing dirt in all direction is what you have been instructed to do.

Note the common use of the slightly unusual word "paymaster". By the way El Naschie himself has in common with Schimer a preoccupation with "internet criminals" as can be seen in Again, El Naschie calls for Internet censorship.

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  1. Heh, the blast-from-the-past comment at the end of the post made think of those old testament bible chapters of "so-and-so begat so-and-so begat so-and-so". And just like I could not care less about that, I cannot care less about listing the academic tree of someone to make that person seem legitimate. Basically, anyone with a math degree from this last century can trace him/herself back to Lagrange and then through a loose connection meant to "give continuity to the flow of knowledge" or whatever to Euler. It's pretty obvious that this doesn't mean anyone from the last century has contributed as much as even a singe year's worth of Lagrange's or Euler's work. :) Wait......sorry......El Naschie has contributed more than both combined! :D

  2. Indeed. El Naschie is the third mind after Newton and Einstein. He deserves a Nobel Prize several times over, but Israel and George W. Bush intervened and so the prize "lost its way" to him.

  3. You guys should not write anything here. Nothing enchants and refreshes a filth like Jason than insulting him. Oops! I refreshed him again! Please guys ignore this site completely as it is the only way to deal with parasites. Oops! I have done it again.

  4. Which guys are you referring to, sockpuppet? To the guys of the universities of the whole world who visit this blog daily? :-)

  5. Oh, yes: 'Brian' claimed that only dumb people read this blog and - what a surprise - used the word "paymaster".

    Hey, sockpuppet: are you the famous 'Brian' who was a protagonist on many blogs and sites, perhaps? :D

  6. Hah, and the sockpuppet 'Antonio' in a comment left on Pressgazette refers to Hitchcock. Kubrick, Sellers, Hitchcock... The sockpuppets seem to be in love with films. LOL

  7. E-infinity communication No. 45 which is almost certainly by Mohamed El Naschie himself, refers to Hitchcock. In the SCIAM comment archive, a commenter who is almost certainly Amr Elnashai refers to Hitchcock. El Naschie writing in Rosa Al Youssef liked to make reference to Western cinema classics to pad out his columns and appear worldly.