Friday, June 29, 2012

Ms Hannah Ready mum

The day before yesterday I wrote to the comeliest of the One Brick Court attorneys

Dear Hannah,

I apologize for the sexism alert post. Please, can you say, confidentially, anything about El Naschie v Macmillan?

What is taking Mrs Sharp so damn long? The silly bint.

What outcome do your colleagues who handled the case expect? Surely they know from El Naschie Watch that he's a fraud.

Best wishes,


But alas! She has not responded.

Not everyone knows British slang, so "bint" is an insulting word for a woman, based etymologically on the Arabic word بنت for a girl or daughter. It is also a portmanteau for "bitch" and the rudest word in the English language.

Ms Ready specializes in sexual harassment cases. o_O

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  1. Did the message bounce back? If I recall well, the Howreys blacklisted you. But they were on the dark (Great Man's) side. :D

  2. Nope, it didn't bounce. I have no doubt that she read it.

  3. You remember correctly, Shrink. They did blacklist me as a result of my post Howrey: pathetic sharks?

  4. From her home page, ffs:

    "Hannah has particular experience in online reputation management and the utilisation of social media."

    Good lord.

  5. It seems blogs/bloggers (especially those who have a peculiar sense of humor) don't fall into the category of on-line social media - by Ms Ready's standards. :D

  6. What can she do? I am not in her jurisdiction. And even if she could get me into court somehow, she could hardly claim El Naschie Watch portrays her in a bad light. No, indeed. We are her biggest fans.

    ATTENTION READERS: El Naschie Watch is looking for pictures of Ms Hannah Ready, regardless of her state of undress.

  7. Yes, if US can't get its hands on Assange from the British directly, the British can't get on you either. LOL

    Jokes aside, I don't think she would ever think of legal actions against you (it would be futile in any sense), but if I was in her position I would send you a polite e-mail explaining why they can't give you any information formally. Informally you deserve a hint, at least - on behalf of the service you provide to Naschie fans, parties of interest etc.

    For the pictures you should contact some paparazzis of the British tabloids, but I suspect they won't be interested in a (though good looking) barrister. LOL

  8. If you do a Google Image Search for "Ms Hannah Ready", the first two hits are on this blog. :O

  9. I wonder if she is somehow amused; in a positive way, of course. :) I think Ms Ready will serve as a fine barrister and I wish her to become a judge one day. She clearly has potential and a good looking judge won't harm at all. :)

  10. Funnily, this blog is also the 1st and 2nd hit for Ms Hannah Ready search in normal mode. Her page at onebrickcourt is only 3rd hit. :D

  11. Sure, this gives her a secret thrill. But never in a million years would she admit to being amused: In the unlikely case she has a public reaction it will be one of outrage, consternation, and in particular claims of reduced income. She knows on which side her bread is buttered.

  12. I am her brother. I will find you, and I will kill you.