Thursday, July 5, 2012

Al Akhbar interview with El Naschie

Click pic for full size.

This newspaper clipping in Arabic has just appeared on the El Naschie sockpuppet blogs M.S. El Naschie Scientific Homepage and Dr. Mohamed El Naschie's views on Politics, Science and Culture.

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  1. The bottom headline: I hope that the president agrees on building a Nanotechnology organisation which I will manage to finance from abroad.

  2. Thanks, Hossam. I think El Naschie is trying to pull a Nigerian-style 419 scam on Egypt. El Naschie promises to get wheelbarrows full of money from abroad. All you have to do is front him a few million to set up a nanotechnology project.

  3. Indeed. I love the fact that he never gives up though.