Sunday, July 15, 2012


When I do research for postings about Mohamed El Naschie I search for "El Naschie" and separately for "النشائي". What astounds me is the disconnect between the results one hundred percent of the time. With apologies to Rudyard Kipling, Mideast is Mideast and West is West and never the twain shall meet.

In the West, it is not generally known except by the handful who patronize this blog that El Naschie was an Egyptian presidential candidate. But everyone knows he just got his ass [Brit. arse, haha] handed to him on a platter by Mrs Justice Sharp.

In the Arab world, there are dozens of television and newspaper interviews with him as a presidential candidate (which he was) and as an expert on high-energy physics and nanotechnology (about which he has only a layman's knowledge, which is approximately none). But only those with a long memory remember that he sued Nature for libel and predicted winning ten million pounds and a front-page apology. The news of his loss has not been reported anywhere. Nowhere at all!

Different spins on common sets of facts are natural. But the cultural disjointness of sets of facts about Mohamed El Naschie is very disconcerting.

What's to be done?

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  1. I think the Arabic blogosphere should be activated. Does Zeinobia know the Great Man has lost on court?

  2. Probably not. I'll tell her.

  3. Yes, that was the idea in the first place when we subtitled videos and translated shit :)

  4. I emailed her in detail but as you can imagine Egyptian bloggers have other priorities these days. Perhaps an email to the major Egyptian news agencies would be effective. I will see what email addresses I can gather. Of course I will have to write in English. :(