Friday, July 27, 2012

El Naschie: Cancel "specialized councils"

Several Egyptian news outlets are carrying versions of the same story. See for example in the original Arabic or Google's English translation.

Apparently there are some scientific advisory councils in Egypt, and since El Naschie isn't on them, of course he disapproves of them. The charlatan is completely transparent. He takes whatever positions he thinks will benefit him. That's why he opposes Ahmed Zewail — because Zewail knows El Naschie's a make-believe scientist.

El Naschie desperately wants a scientific cabinet position or a government grant. That's why he keeps talking about his ludicrous "nanotechnology project". El Naschie is not a particle physicist, not a nuclear scientist or engineer, and he is not a nanotechnologist either. He is a pretend scientist.

His ability to keep getting ink and air time is amazing. By now many Egyptians in the media and in academia know the truth about him, but they do little more than ignore him on that account. There is no appetite to pursue and expose him. Being rich is undoubtedly a help to him.

His brother Amr, a.k.a. Scorpion300, remains steadfastly behind Mohamed, even after the humiliating loss to Nature and the public pronouncement that Mohamed's papers are crap, unpublishable except in a vanity journal. He knows Mohamed is a fraud. And yet at 16:20 in the Breakfast Show video Amr refers to Mohamed as "my much more distinguished brother". Earlier in the broadcast Mohamed had called Amr "one of the most distinguished scientists in the United States in earthquake engineering". Who is the head of Amr's department, I wonder. They should be informed about Amr's enthusiasm for crackpottery.

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  1. Why don't you look for once in the mirror Jason dear? You spent the best of the last five years or so following El Naschie on every step. You say he is a proven crackpot. You are a mathematician, at least so you claim, so on the account of that, what do you think that makes you? Do you think it makes you a genius, when you have nothing to do but to follow a crackpot step by step? I think it is really, really funny. As consolation for you, I think wasting my time drawing your attention to your own crackpottery makes me just as stupid as you are, so no hard feelings.

  2. The previous comment does not use the usual definition of crackpot nor define a new one. As such, its main thesis is rendered unintelligible by the poor composition skills of its author.

    The standard definition of a crackpot is a science- or mathematics-outsider who apes scientific or mathematics style without meaningful content and thus is worthless or less than worthless in the field of advancing human knowledge which is the role of the scientist or mathematician.

    That this "Jason" fellow has campaigned for years on documenting El Naschie's behavior is evidence only in motivation, not monomania or crackpottedness. Indeed, the previous comment does not demonstrate either that "Jason" has spent all of his energies on this campaign or that this campaign itself is sterile and useless.

    Indeed, of note, one recurring theme of this blog is that a small clique including El Naschie has conspired to lower publishing standards of certain journals to the point that they regularly hosted pseudo-scientific nonsense to the detriment of the reputations of their publishers and any outside the cabal who were duped into believing that the journals were up-to-standard. This thesis has been confirmed in a number of ways, including termination of contracts, altering of citation counting schemes to avoid "gaming", and notably, the complete loss of the allegedly well-heeled El Naschie in an English libel suit he filed which placed the burden of proof on the defendants to demonstrate that their claims were well-founded. Those defendants also demonstrated that their claims were the work of good journalism in the public interest.

    Therefore it follows that "Jason" is also working in the public interest -- based on the opinion a judge El Naschie asked to decide the question.

  3. I think Amr is the chair of his department. I suppose you could complain to his dean.

    Is that really justified, though? He doesn't abuse his professional position to support El Naschie (or does he?), and his own publication record is legitimate.

  4. To Anonymous July 28, 2012 7:21 AM

    Your comment remembers me with Enaschie's sockpuppet style.
    Please you can look at this comment on SIAM
    Reg at 02:54 PM on 03/08/09
    "....... All this ranting and nonsensical raving only goes to prove my point. I feel truly sorry for you. Look closely in the mirror every night before you go to sleep. Look deeply into your eyes. Do you see the devil looking back? If not, perhaps he is in the eyes of those around you, looking out at you. Believe me, he is there and he is closing in. You do not get to spend your life the way you have without having to pay the price. Be wary. Maybe those who seem to be most on your side are actually his tools for your destruction. It will come. You get back ten times over what you have sown in your life and you know what that is more than anyone, at least if you were able to be honest with yourself. But maybe you are not yet that courageous. "

  5. I mean SCIAM arcive
    where you can find the comment

  6. Great comments, guys. By the way El Naschie's sock puppet in the first comment writes not from Cairo as I would have expected but from Los Angeles, California. Surprising.

    Thanks to the 10:15 Anonymous who understands this blog perfectly.

    Anonymous 12:00, Amr is a conundrum to me. I am not sure what to do about him for the reasons you give. His behavior as an academic independent of his brother seems unobjectionable. But then he has this bizarre Scorpion300 alter-ego with which he battles on various forums including Wikipedia to promote fictions of Nobel worthiness etc. on his brother's behalf.

    Zahy, I am sure you're right. The first commenter and the SIAM commenter are the same.

  7. Well, it took 3 years for the sockpuppets to show their goodselves on this blog. Please, keep coming!

    P.S. Hey, sockpuppet: does your puppet-master intend to appeal on judgment? If not, how does he intend to pay the sum of 1.5 million pounds? Is the house in Surrey already on sale?

  8. Absolutely. Sockpuppets are welcome here.