Saturday, July 7, 2012

El Naschie predicted Higgs boson mass

You can't make this stuff up. This announcement has appeared posted with today's July 7 date on El Naschie's sockpuppet blogs Homepage and Views. The Google translation is so appalling that I won't link or include it, but for those who can read it, here's the original Arabic below the fold:

Saturday, July 7, 2012
د. النشائي عن المعنى الحقيقى لأكتشاف الهجزبوزن فى معامل سويسرية وأمريكية

فى تصريح للأستاذ الدكتور مهندس / محمد النشائي عالم الهندسة والطبيعة النظرية خص به اليوم السابع قال "ان ماذكر يوم الخميس الماضى الموافق 5 يولية 2012 فى جريدة الأخبار وجريدة الأهرام نقلا عن الوكالات العالمية هى معلومات غير دقيقة وتحتاج إلى التصحيح " وعلى سبيل المثال وليس الحصر أكتشاف الجسيم الاولى المسمى "هيجزبوزن" لا يقلب معادلات الفيزياء لما يعرف بأسم المنظومة النمطية لعلوم الطاقات العليا بل العكس هو الصحيح بمعنى أن هذا الاكتشاف يعد تأيد للنظريات التى عمل على تكوينها عدد كبير من العلماء على مدار مايقرب من أكثر من ثمانين عام. كذلك فأن الهجربوزون ليس اللبنه الأصغر والأساسية فى تكوين الكون وهى موجودة فقط لتعطى الأجسام معدومة الكتله أى الوزن كتله أو وزن. الضوء مثلاً ليس له وزن فى حين أن الإليكترون له وزن مقداره تقريبا نصف مجا الكترون فولت وهى وحدة قياس الكتل للاجسام الأولية .

هذا وقد سبق أن تنباء العالم المصرى محمد النشائى بوزن جسيم الهجزبوزون مستخدما نظريته عن المقطع الذهبى ووجد أن الكتلة أو الوزن لهذا الجسيم يجب أن يكون تقريبا ضعف وزن الجسيم المعروف بأسم “W” "دبليو" أى حوالى 160 جيجا ألكترون فولت (بينما هناك حسابات أخرى للنشائي تضع الكلته بين 88-168) . هذا وقد أشار كثير من الباحثين مؤخرا إلى أن حسابات النشائي تبدوا أن تكون هى الأكثر دقة (وأنظر المراجع التالية للتعمق فيما يخص هذا الموضوع)

1. Thomas Schuecker
Higgs-Maas Predictions
arxiv:0708.3344v8 [hep-ph] 14 Dec 2011
2. M.S Elnaschie
Experimental and Theatrical arguments for the number and the mass of the Higgs particle. Chaos, Soliton and Fractals 23(2005) PP1091-1098
3. Ayman El-Okaby
Estimating the mass of the Higgs Boson mh using the mass formula of E-Infinity Chaos, Soliton and Fractals 30(2006) pp 259-262
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  1. "THEATRICAL arguments"

  2. The entry on English Wikipedia about the Great Man grows quickly. El Naschie Watch isn't quoted - as expected. In contrast the entry on RationalWiki was updated (reflecting the latest developments) with quotes from El Naschie Watch extensively. Get rational, Wikipedia! :)

  3. Blogs - no matter how authoritative ;-) are not considered reliable sources for Wikipedia, and I'd rather leave it like this...


  4. Wow! This is excellent news. El Naschie's sockpuppets will try to vandalize it however.

  5. • mH = 161.8033989 GeV
    Author: El Naschie (2005)
    Idea: E-infinity theory
    Techniques: ?

    Hahahahaha the ? says so much with just one character.

    I think by "most accurate" the author means "most significant digits shown" (giving, erroneously, The Great Man the benefit of the doubt that he actually didn't make up these numbers, which he did).

    According to CERN, the Higgs boson's mass is 125 GeV [ ], so from the arXiv paper summary there's several very spot-on estimates, and maybe m_H =126.3±2.2 GeV by Shaposhnikov & C. Wetterich (2009) is the sharpest?

  6. BTW, the en.wikipedia entry is IRRESponsible journalism in my opinion. It tries to play the "good thing", "bad thing" game for 3 sections before mentioning the A COURT OF LAW ruled the "good things" were lies and all "bad things" were true. I'm sure the reader would have like to learn that in the summary paragraph. The rationalwiki entry is accurate, succinct and clear, in contrast.

  7. And now "MuppetLabTech" (the main contributor to Great Man's wikipedia article) "discovered" El Naschie Watch Blog:

    "El Naschie watch
    There is a LOT about the subject at with unfortunatly few links ro reliable sources, unless you speak arabic, which I don't. The fact this blog exists may be notable in itself but as I can't find mention of it in RS am not putting in the article for now. Comments ? MuppetLabTech (talk) 19:35, 8 July 2012 (UTC)
    Have added link now, along with link to an "official" site. MuppetLabTech (talk) 21:36, 8 July 2012 (UTC)"

    His first intention was not to put it into the article (because he couldn't find mention of it in reliable sources :D) then he's changed his mind. Now this blog is listed in the External links as "El Naschie Watch, a critical blog that follows El Naschie's activities".

    It seems Wikipedia is getting rational, finally. :)

    P.S. Jason, "MuppetLabTech" can't find any reliable sources that the Great Man was a candidate for the Egyptian presidential election or is trying to found a nanotech lad in Egypt. Can we help him somehow?

  8. For the presidential run, this post:

    The original announcement, in Rosa Al-Youssef, apparently is gone, but we have screen caps.

  9. Also, here's a video in Arabic that can be linked directly from YouTube, avoiding the shameful association with a blog, particularly this one:

    New video! El Naschie announces candidacy

  10. Sorry, blog posts, Youtube videos and screenshots from deleted articles don't meet Wikipedia's rather stringent standards for biographies of living people - which are intended to protect the foundation from libel suits. Do you have newspaper or journal articles ? Note that court records are also disallowed.

  11. Wow, MuppetLabTech, that is stringent. Thank you for working on the El Naschie article.

    OK, yes. Al Ahram is a respectable newspaper. Here's their announcement of his candidacy:

    For your own use, the English translation is given in this post: