Friday, July 20, 2012

El Naschie to be interviewed tonight

Al Ahram reports on Egyptian TV programs that are going to be on this evening. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

Apparently "scientist of Egypt Dr. Mohamed El Naschie" is going to be interviewed at 10:30 PM Saturday July 21 on a show called "Youth and Sports" or something like that. Hopefully video will appear later.

The Great Man's loss against Nature still has not been reported in the Egyptian press, and he is unlikely to bring it up. On 31 December 2009, El Naschie told interviewer Ayman al-Hakim that he expected to win ten million pounds sterling and a front-page apology from Nature, but he hasn't talked publicly about the case much since then, except in passing in his defunct Rosa Al-Youssef column.

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