Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yes, the Great Man is interviewed in English! This is a delightful first for El Naschie Watch.

The video was uploaded just today by YouTube user NileInternationalTV. The sound quality is mediocre and a little out of synch, but it's understandable.

The title suggests this was broadcast on January 26, but I think that's a mistake. I think it's brand new, because the scrolling banner has headlines relating to the Olympics in London which are getting started just now.

At 5:40 he starts insulting Ahmed Zewail's City of Science and Technology. He says the name change from Nile University is American propaganda. At 13:20 he says he told President Morsy "Please, look into this nonsense of, quote, Zewail City." The "quote" is a dismissive scare-quote.

UPDATE: Two more parts of the same breakfast show featuring El Naschie.

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  1. UPDATED with two more clips from the same show.

  2. I guess the fact that he calls Morsy "the president", is a more direct proof that this clip is quite new than the Olympic banners. :)

  3. Yes. Good observation.