Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gervase de Wilde on El Naschie v Nature

This is the best post-judgment article yet. If you read only one, it should be this one. Go read it on Inforrm's Blog.

Gervase notes early in the article that El Naschie called El Naschie Watch "that despicable blog" and later acknowledges that "El Naschie Watch has sustained its relentless coverage of the Claimant and his activities in the aftermath of the judgment".

Here's a good quote, and absolutely correct:

The Claimant’s defeat could hardly have been more comprehensive, with all of the Defendants’ defences succeeding and his own integrity, as a scientist and as an individual, questioned by Sharp J throughout her judgment. If his intention was to suppress questioning or criticism of his work then the strategy backfired spectacularly.

Cool! Thanks to Shrink for the find.

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