Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rössler intrudes upon Higgs's moment

If you were Peter Higgs right now, you probably would not want to hear from Otto Rössler.

And yet.

Happy 4th of July to American readers!

Do not emulate these feats.

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  1. Since the journal where Rossler 'published' his 'proof' has no peer review, someone ought to publish an equally nonsensical refutation of his paper in that same journal. After all, then a 'counterproof' will have been 'published.'

  2. What is the fee? We could take up a collection.

  3. I predict that the following comment on CERN Found 2 out of 3 Needed Pieces of Evidence for the Higgs – A Bargain? is soon to go down a black hole:

    Brandon E. Larson on July 5, 2012 9:23 am

    Pull the plug on this outfit. Anyone who continues to donate to the Lifeboat Foundation at this point is a fool. It is nothing more than a public forum for kooks and trolls.

  4. the fee is 550 US $:

    African scammers usually want much hard money.

  5. Rössler on Al Jazeera:

    And again the CERN-people are not prepared to give a suitable asnwer on his "there is no official answer/disproof)-nonsense

  6. Hi,

    it seems that now a sock puppet of the great man appeared on lifeboat:

    The antisemitic hate speech is quite characteristic for El Naschie I think. Otto says that this never could have been written by his "friend" so it would be quite interesting to post a few examples for Naschies antisemitism and so on there.

  7. Just in case this disappears from Rossler's blog:

    Marvin on July 7, 2012 9:17 am

    I am a journalist who covered this affair and came extra from a gulf state. After attending a three week trial with the exception of odd days I formed the definite conviction that the whole thing was a set up to destroy the reputation of a great Muslim scholar, thinker and a scientist apart from being a famous structure engineer by zionists and imperialists and those who destroyed Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and now trying to destroy Egypt and syria and steal the oil riches of Saudi Arabia. Prof. Mohamed el nashaie made an application in my presence for the case to be transferred to the criminal court in the Old Bailey. Mrs. Sharp the judge who was handpicked by nature’s solicitors refused the application. She also refused to discuss the plagiarism committed against prof. El naschiei the year 2008. In essence the Zionist establishment wanted to hijack his theory and when he objected they decided to destroy him. He made no secret of these things in court. You should read his closing speech and learn about the shameful details. You should read about the south African Neil Turok who was bribed by nature to pretend he is an expert on el naschie’s work and in fact he isn’t.turok is a friend and member of the group that hijacked elnaschie’s work in scientific American in 2008. He is a dealer wheeler involved in many financial scandals connected to the institute he now directs, the perimeter institute.he replaced the honorable dr. Howard burton who is the founding director and he refused to misappropriate government funds in the millions of dollars. The entire affair is messy and disgusting. My definite feeling is that the shameful truth will come out.

  8. BTW, why the four different spellings of "El Naschie"?

  9. Passing By Again, there is no standard orthography from Arabic to Roman letters. The three brothers spell their last name differently, though the same in Arabic. Lately El Naschie has varied the spelling of his name to sow confusion.

    Marvin is one of the best sock puppets ever! I thought El Naschie would crawl away and hide in shame finally. He surprises me yet again.

  10. But four spellings in one post is unprecedented. :)

  11. live-creation of new crackpottery:

    Rössler has now revolutionary insights into the Higgs...

    It is interesting how convinced a crackpot can be into his nonsense while he admits at the same time to have nearly no knowledge about the stuff.

  12. Haha. I tried just now to comment there but as usual I am blocked.

  13. Otto Rössler wrote in the above link:
    My anonymous colleague Bernd and I discovered today that the Higgs field is (like mass and charge) subject to a locally imperceptible reduction proportional to the gravitational redshift valid relative to the distant stars.
    end quote

    that tössler guy is really crazy.

  14. Rössler has a new posting on lifeboat:

    He now thinks that it is a criminal act, if someone does not update a scientific paper according to Rössler's demands...

  15. A response to Rössler and and explaination of why it might be time to move on.

  16. At, Rpenner, Pinky, and Eq say they aren't going to bother arguing with Otto any more. There will be less reason to visit Lifeboat.

    Rpenner's remarks at are all excellent.