Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two new El Naschie videos!

Both are in Arabic without subtitles. These were posted today on Mohamed Mustafa's blog. The one above is called الدكتور محمد النشائى فى قناة الخليجية or "Mohamed El Naschie in the Gulf Canal". It's 27:23 in length. The one below the fold is called الدكتور النشائى فى استوديو 27 or "Dr. El Naschie in Studio 27". It's 32:00 in length.

Both of these were uploaded by YouTube user Scorpio300100 who is probably El Naschie's brother Amr. I have not yet watched them closely but it will be interesting to see whether he talks about losing his libel case against Nature. Probably he won't.
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  1. There is no mention of the Nature case because both videos are old. The first video is about El Naschie's presidential campaign when he was still a likely candidate. The second video is even older than that.