Monday, July 2, 2012

Video! El Naschie on Good Morning TV program

In Arabic without subtitles. The title is لدكتور محمد صلاح الدين النشائى فى برنامج يسعد صباحك or "Dr. Mohamed Salahuddin El Naschie on the program Good Morning". The length is 22:18. Not sure when it was broadcast. It would be nice to know the name of the presenter too.

The video was uploaded on July 1 by Scorpion300100 who has "liked" other El Naschie videos, and may be El Naschie's brother Amr Elnashai. Amr ignores my emails, so we are unlikely to get confirmation straight from the horse's mouth.

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  1. While speaking of the Egyptian presidential election, "may the best man win", I heard him say.