Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Porndog Mohamed Mustafa posts two more videos!

Mohamed Mustafa a.k.a. Scorpion300100 a.k.a. Scorpion300 (a.k.a. David on the dormant E-Infinity - High Energy Communications blog) uploaded these to YouTube a few hours before Shrink's devastating exposé and posted them to the M.S. El Naschie Scientific Homepage a few hours after the exposé, if I have the times figured out properly. The one above is in English! It's another appearance of the Great Man on the Breakfast Show. The length is 53:43. The host introduces El Naschie as "a famous and world-renowned nuclear scientist", and El Naschie answers not "thank you" as always, but wistfully "I hope so". His confidence is shaken. The host doesn't know what to make of that answer.

This next video has description لقاء مع الدكتور محمد صلاح الدين النشائى فى قناة المحروسة or "Interview with Dr. Mohamed Salahuddin El Naschie on El Mahrousa channel". It's in Arabic without subtitles. Length is 13:21.

Haha I left a comment here asking Mohamed Mustafa to post some porn videos. Of course he won't allow it. He doesn't allow any comment from me, no matter how anodyne.

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