Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outrage! El Naschie snubbed for Milner Prize

Thanks to Zahy for pointing out this terrible injustice. I've enabled hotlinks and made minor edits to his story and placed it below the fold. Zahy says:

From yesterday's New York Times: 9 Scientists Receive a New Physics Prize

The list includes
  • Alan H. Guth,
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed,
  • Juan Maldacena,
  • Nathan Seiberg,
  • Edward Witten,
  • Andrei Linde,
  • Alexei Kitaev,
  • Maxim Kontsevich,
  • Ashoke Sen

I'm upset that El Naschie was not in the list. All of us should remember El Naschie's comic paper about few hints on Witten's M theory!!! that didn't include any references for Witten. El Naschie always confuses between himself and Witten instead of referring to Witten's work he refers to his own work. El Naschie could complain or file a suit [Here of course Zahy is alluding humorously to El Naschie's tendency to file idiotic law suits, e.g., against Nature, against Die Zeit, and against Ahmed Zewail. -Jason].

To amuse the blog readers we quote one of the comments on the epic FQXi395 thread (archived on El Naschie Watch here).

KK wrote on Jan. 3, 2009 @ 14:54 GMT

Believe it or not

El Naschie had four articles whose titles contain "Witten". The articles are

1- A few hints and some theorems about Witten’s M theory and T-duality,

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 25 (2005)545 –548

2- Using Witten’s five Brane theory and the holographic principle to derive the value of the electromagnetic structure constant alpha =1/137,

Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 38 (2008)1051 –1053

3- Fuzzy knot theory interpretation of Yang –Mills instantons and Witten’s 5-Brane model,

Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 38 (2008)1349 –1354

4- On the Witten –Duff Branes model together with knots theory and E 8 E 8 super strings in a single fractal spacetime theory,

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals xxx (2008)xxx –xxx . The article is still in press, but you can get the pdf. file.

The amazing thing about the references of the first three articles is that they don’t contain any research paper for Witten. Finally, the great man realized his mistake and put a reference for Witten in the fourth one (the most recent one). But the man didn’t acknowledge who pointed out to him this bug in his program which he used to generate papers (Backreaction blog [comment archived here]). Any way this a good step, at least the references are now correctly produced. Unfortunately you still need further improvement in your code that seems has a serious problem with E. Witten. Although you referred to a paper of Witten the program has produced a wrong title for it. In the references list we find

[4] Witten E. searching for a realistic Kaluza-Klein Theory. Nucl Phys B 1981;186:412 –28.

While the correct title turned out to be, as you can check yourself:

search for a realistic Kaluza-Klein theory

Nuclear Physics B, Volume 186, Issue 3, 10 August 1981, Pages 412-428, Edward Witten

As N. Eisfeld wrote on Mar. 26, 2008 @ 18:32 GMT, in this blog describing El Naschie

"This man has never bad-mouthed, ignored or downplayed anyone or any contribution. He also acknowledged every single person who contributed to his work unless he genuinely did not know and then he will immediately apologize of the unintended omission."

[A perfectly topical quote! I am reminded of another one, in which El Naschie claims similarities between his and Witten's educational backgrounds. -Jason]

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1 comment:

  1. Another terrible injustice
    Hawking and CERN Teams Win Prizes From Russian Billionaire

    All of us should know that the great man (Elnaschie) was the colleague of Hawking in Cambridge. Elnaschie was a fool professor , sorry I mean full, in Cambridge for eleven years. Even Elnaschie criticized Hawking and accused him by being very stupid in his program in Egyptian TV (scientific chat).

    For CERN team, the won the prize for discovering what it could be the Higgs boson.
    We should rememeber that Elnaschie predicted the correct mass for Higgs even he predicted the correct number of elementary particles.
    Even the great man corrected the famous Einstein energy-mass relation.

    It is really unfair that Elnaschie didn't get any prize from Milner foundation. Most scientists in the committee mentored Elnaschie and had impact on his career. Even more they are the giants on their shoulders the great man stands and can see more.

    It could take many decades for Elnaschie's work to be appreciated. It is the work of high standard fraud.