Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inappropriate Photoshop

Click pic for full size.
Per reader request.

The source photo is from scambaiting site 419eater.

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  1. I urge Ji-Huan He to make sure the Great Man gets his own sculpture with the correct equation. Einstein and his equation are passé; they should be replaced with the Egyptian genius and his equation. LOL

  2. A new photoshop for the great man with the famous Einstein's equation after his infamous modification

    1. Wow, that photoshop is not only a sign of bad taste, but also poorly executed... Jason's photoshop'\s are at least well done... ;)

  3. Does he also have dyslexia? Or does he use some really bad character recognition software? From :
    Chaos, Sokvzs & Fracrals
    Chaos, Sohrons & Frocral.~
    Chaos, Sohrons & Frocral.~

  4. Just checked el naschie home page. He has photoshopped the pic at top of page himself inserting the 1/22 number. How vain and delusional.
    Please can we get more of his paper posted as they are a delight to read and some of the most amusing things I have read.

  5. Another stupid Photoshop for Elnaschie.
    You will find him congratulating for new year 2013
    , with sculpture of his infamous formula E=m c^2/22 in front of Egyptian pyramids.