Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tiggerjay scrubs El Naschie from talk page

The redacted material, which was observed by El Naschie Watch contributor PassingByAgain to be written by El Naschie himself notwithstanding El Naschie's use of the sockpuppet name "M. Abdel-Hamid" has been deleted by Wikipedian editor Tiggerjay.

But this is El Naschie Watch, and El Naschie Watch never forgets.

Why did they do it? Ordinary cowardice?

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  1. Oh, good. Sorry Tiggerjay, my bad.

  2. Interesting article about lawsuit threats to a blog unmasking scientific fraud:

    I tried to post a link to elnaschiewatch, explaining this blog never backed down in the face of meaningless international lawsuit threats. However, my post disappeared into the ether....

  3. Thank you for trying! Comments that contain links are much more likely to be automatically marked as spam. That could be what happened.


    so much for the fractal spacetime theories?

  5. A nice blog (linking to ENW) with the same scope as ENW albeit not focused on one individual only:

    1. Nice blog indeed, albeit quite focused, I find, on an individual codenamed Ron (who, after a bit of research, appears to be Myron Evans, admittedly quite an impressive crackpot of his own).

    2. Aha, Evans is indeed mentioned in the first posts of the blog, but I've thought Ron is another guy.