Thursday, July 4, 2013

El Naschie jumps on another bandwagon

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This is from Mohamed Mustafa's blog
Original Arabic:

 الدكتور محمد النشائى فى مظاهرات الحرية يوم 30 يونيو العالم المصرى الدكتور محمد النشائى المرشح المحتمل السابق لرئاسة الجمهورية يعلن تأيده التام لشرعية مطالب الشعب المصرى ويهنئه على انجازاته السياسية والاخلاقية ويطالب بالاستمرار إلى ان يحصل الشعب على شرعيته كذلك يعلن عن تقديره وحبه المطلق لشعب مصر العظيم وتأيده لأعلان القوات المسلحة وتقديره الشخصى لقيادة الجيش وسيادة المشير عبد الفتاح السيسيى و المجلس الاعلى للقوات المسلحة ويدعو لهم من قلبه بالنجاح وان يوافقهم الله وهو متأكد ان الجيش العظيم سوف يحافظ على إرادة الشعب المصرى وكرامته وفى نفس الوقت سوف يحافظ على رئاسة الجمهورية كمركز أعلى وغير مرتبط بأسم الشخص الذى يحتله وهو على كل حال هو شخص مصرى.و لابد من كل اطياف الشعب من المشاركة فى رسم مستقبل مصر تماما كما قال سيادة المشير وزير الحربية والقائد الاعلى للجيش. كذلك يشكر الدكتور النشائى شباب مصر الذى رائهم عن كثب لأول مرة من يوم 30 يونيو إلى اليوم حيث كان النشائى بصفة شبة دائمه فى التحرير والاتحادية ويؤكد انحيازه لهم . محمد مصطفى

Google Translate's version:

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie in freedom demonstrations on June 30 Egypt, Dr. Mohamed world El Naschie former potential candidate for the Presidency of the Republic Declares Taadh [?] fully legitimate demands of the Egyptian people and congratulate him on his achievements political and moral demands continue to to get the people on his legitimacy as well as announce his appreciation and love absolute great people of Egypt and Taadh to declare the armed forces and appreciation profile to lead the army and the rule of Field Marshal Abdel Fattah Asiy and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and calls on them his heart success and يوافقهم God is sure that great army will maintain the will of the Egyptian people and dignity at the same time will keep the presidency as the highest and is linked to the name of the person who occupies it if at all is someone Egyptian., and has to be all shades of people from participating in the shaping the future of Egypt just as he said the rule of Field Marshal and Minister of War and commander-in-chief of the army. As well as thank Dr. El Naschie, the youth of Egypt, who closely behind for the first time on June 30 to the day where El Naschie semi-permanent basis in editing and federal confirms bias them.

Mohammed Mustafa

Readers will remember that El Naschie loved Hosni Mubarak, and urged that he should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Until the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) removed him, and then he loved SCAF. When Morsi became President, El Naschie urged everyone to rally behind Morsi. El Naschie simply kisses the ass of whoever is in charge. He wants a cabinet position (Minister of Science, or Education, or whatever) and will do anything to get it. It's not going to happen.

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  1. It's nice to see a fresh post. :)

    Yes, the Great Man doesn't miss a chance to show up as the pharaoh of Egyptian science. LOL

  2. Please give a look at this link about Elnaschie
    El Naschie works on entanglement now

  3. You know what?

    "Prof. El Naschie, who was always a friend of Obama, could not complete the sentence with its embarrassing conclusion"



  4. Wow, the Great Man really is incredibly slick.

    @Zahy: thanks for the link, that's hilarious!

  5. The great man is returning back with great enthusiasm in publishing numerous non-sensible papers. So far, he produced 19 papers in the year 2013, mostly in open access journals. Thus one can easily enjoy his papers where he is recycling his old ideas together with his recent great discovery that E=m c^2 /22.

    You can enjoy the papers from google scholar,5&as_ylo=2013&as_yhi=2013

    You would fall laughing just reading his paper's titles
    Dark energy of the quantum Hawking-Hartle wave of the cosmos from the holographic boundary and Lie symmetry groups – Exact computation and physical interpretation
    The Hydrogen Atom Fractal Spectra, the Missing Dark Energy of the Cosmos and Their Hardy Quantum Entanglement

  6. El Naschie has a google scholar, most of his papers are self citable, is there a way to convince google scholar admins to remove his account?

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  8. Also, you might want to investigate Prof T Hayat who had been associated with el Naschie. Many citations and rumoured to be included in the official highly cited list.

  9. Another hoax from Naschie in

    this publisher has no info in their website about how to confirm its identity... tracing back this web site, it turns out it¡s from thailand... i wonder if these NEW open access "scientific" publishers are legitimate and not scams created to charge a fee to the authors so they can publish their research online !!! that's a GREAT SCAM!!!
    i mean, i can create my own web site, invent non existent scientist as the editorial board and then charge fees to all those idiots authors that want to publish in my web site !
    wow !!!!

  10. oh my oh my oh my...I just cannot believe it.