Sunday, January 5, 2014

Video: El Naschie wants Egyptian Nukes

With English subtitles! Check it out below the fold.

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  1. Priceless comedy!! Thanks & please keep it up!

  2. A little bit late but still: Happy 5th Anniversary, El Naschie Watch! :)

  3. Slipper.MysteryMay 1, 2014 at 7:42 AM

    It is disappointing to see so little activity here for years ...
    whereas M.S. El N. keeps publishing away.
    Here is latest
    "Deriving E = mc2 /22 of Einstein’s ordinary quantum relativity energy density from the Lie symmetry group SO(10) of grand unification of all fundamental forces and without quantum mechanics"
    Eq.3 is particularly remarkable, and as well the golden mean makes an obligatory appearance in eq.8
    The editorial board for this "American Journal of Mechanics and Applications"
    contains many known luminaries

  4. To be precise: for one and a half year. :)

    Anyway, the Great Man's activity is now quite marginal.

    1. No he is not! Check these out:

      In the links above, he is defending a phony invention claimed by the Egyptian army to cure AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other diseases:

    2. Thanks, Anonymous!

      This is indeed something new (maybe worth a post if Jason will find the time) but still quite marginal as it is limited to the Great Man's typical support of the current Egyptian political authorities.

    3. True!
      I agree that this affair is not connected to mainstream Naschism. However, it is still quite scandalous for somebody who claims to be a scientist to support some dousing rod type of device, just out of a sheer political stance.

  5. Good friends are like stars... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

    1. It's nice to hear from you, Martin! :)

  6. Hi Jason
    It is a long time without any noticeable activity.
    There is something interesting about Elnaschie that I noticed recently that Mikhail Shaposhnikov (the famous physicist) was making mockery of Elnaschie in one his lecture on Higgs boson mass and the scale of new
    physics (University of Zurich, 23 October 2012)

    In his lecture he mentioned that " The most precise prediction: m_H= 161.8033989 by El Naschie"

    As all people now knows that the Higss mass is 125 - 126 GeV. But the great man (Elnaschie) is mainly interested in number after the decimal point which clearly disentangle the physics behind his glorious E-infinity theor. It doesn't matter if he produced the whole ballpark number incorrectly (161) but the most important what comes after the decimal points.
    This link for the lecture

    There many links for the same lectutre because it was delivered in many places at different time from 2012 till 2013

    I think the great man must file a suit against the speaker with even including the audiences.

  7. Hello Shrink, Martin Klicken, Zahy, Slipper.Mystery, and Anonymouses! Thank you for your comments. I am not ready to resume blogging, but I must point out that El Naschie posted under his own name on Zeinobia's Egyptian Chronicles blog. I don't understand the Arabic well, but it's mostly about Ahmed Zewail.

    Check it out.

    1. Hello, Jason!

      If the Great Man thinks he's rid of elnaschiewatchers, he's utterly wrong. :D

  8. Happy 6th anniversary, elnaschiewatch! :)